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Hello JG Community,

I think this sing will need explaining, because on the face of it, it may look like I’m off to top myself.

A good friend of mine once mentioned that at his passing he wanted “I’ll Never Smile Again” by Daddy Cool played. So I thought as a group exercise we should each write a song that would be our last farewell. It didn’t have to be an epitaph or a song to “settle differences”, but just had to be in the theme of a song that was saying goodbye to those left behind. …I don’t intend to check out anytime soon!

This song did start out as “Pushing Up The Daisies” and I wanted it to be belted out John Fogerty style. Alas, I don’t have that voice nor talent. The chorus has come out really well and suits the theme, audio and video. I’m also quite pleased with the lead guitar solo, didn’t know I had it in me!

Again, at 5 minutes, it’s a bit of a long one. Sorry!! Ideally they should be shorter, I know.

Love to all.


Hey there @Knee_Wobbler, well done!!

The theme of the song is rather final, but I love the “execution” and it all looks and sounds great.

It’s clear that you had fun writing it and putting the video together. It WAS five minutes. . .but it certainly wasn’t the worst five minutes I will spend today. . . I really enjoyed visual and aural experience. The solo was also very nice. . .keep at it!!

Thanks for posting these videos they are quite inspiring for a Luddite/curious type tech/video recording phobe like me. . .

Until the next. . . :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey KW,
Lots to like in this one mate. Well, other than the subject I guess. At times I have no ideas for songs, so maybe this was one of those?

I like your production, mix, guitar tones, play, vox and video. It is good to see others on here attempting the “full band” approach and putting out full productions. There used to be more folks doing this sort of thing and music, but most moved on with the format change of the community.

One thing I really like is your vocal melody lines. I am still struggling with those and you seem to have a good handle on that. Are you winging those, or putting effort into writing them? If you are writing them, could you share how you go about it?

I did like your chorus and solo guitar work as well.

Now, when I heard your song it reminded me of “being prepared for eternity”. As such, a song I did about 3 years ago came to mind:

Let me know if you like it…

Maybe someday we should attempt a collab together and see if we can better our individual songs by going in together?
Great job all around and be well,


Hey Lee
That was great and all well done!
I think it’s a sweet idea to write a song about too, though I am glad that you clarified the intention! :laughing:
I agree, not the worst way to spend five minutes :smiley:
Thanks for sharing, it is inspiring :sunflower:

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Hi Jeremy, thank you for your comments. I guess anything to do with this subject matter has an unavoidable element of finality. In setting this as an exercise topic, I was aware that we don’t always get to have our say at the time for obvious reasons. Everyone else gets their say as to what a swell guy he was whether it’s true or not. Glad you liked the audio and video production. Both take a while to get right as you know, but when it all comes together as well as they do sometimes, it is very rewarding. You feel a great sense of achievement, it’s like adding a new child to your family. Kind regards.

Hello LBro, I appreciate your feedback and glad you enjoyed both audio and video production. I think there’s room for both types of content in this community. I enjoy the simplicity of one man and one guitar songs, the connection between singing and playing in its rawest format is very satisfying and therapeutic. On the other hand being able to lift a song with all the bells and whistles available to us in the production process, is equally satisfying. It amazes me that we are able to do this to a high standard these days all from our bedroom! 25 years you wouldn’t even have thought to do this and the best an amateur could hope to do was either book a studio or worse still record a demo on cassette. How it’s all changed. So far as the vocal melody, I’ve not really analysed it that much and to a large extent I am winging it around the chord progression. I’m not a great singer and it takes a number of attempts before I settle into my vocal range for any song. I’ll normally have at least 3 or 4 takes of a vocal and I’ll keep those where I haven’t gone flat or sharp. From here I’ll listen if there’s anywhere that I can vary the vocal melody and re-record where necessary. Really it just comes from things I’ve heard other artists do. I don’t consciously know any vocal tricks, but like Justin says about playing guitar, if it sounds good it is good, the same applies vocally. Having only started recording and writing in the last 6 months, I still see all I do as amateur production but nevertheless it is gratifying, and again it’s therapeutic. I checked out Heaven and Hell, a very strong, well played, driven song with a definite message. It’s probably a bit heavier than I would normally play/write, but it’s good nonetheless. Don’t be offended, but I’ll pass on the collaboration for now. I do have a couple of buddies who I play with already that I’m getting around to do it with. Thank you for your positive feedback. Kind regards.

Hello Jasmine, I’m glad you enjoyed it and thank you for your generous comments. Yes, it’s a touchy subject that we skirt around at times, but oddly death is a part of life which we can’t avoid. I did try to make it as light as possible so as not to offend anyone. Kind regards.


Loved it Lee. You have a cracking song there. I am glad you clarified the lyrics and the meaning beforehand.
That was a real treat to start my Sunday morning so keep them coming mate.

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Thank you Eddie. I’m glad it gave you a good start to the day. I’ll try to keep them coming, but I hope I haven’t set the bar too high for myself. Cheers mate, kind regards.

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