Choosing a hard case

I have a 12 string Crafter acoustic guitar. I hardly ever play it but it was a gift from my parents when I turned 21 and I want to make sure it’s safe… It only has a soft case.

How can I make sure a hard case will fit a particular guitar other than physically testing it? I don’t have a local store so would like to buy online, are there key measurements or anything to make this less error prone?

I had a similar need for an old guitar. I found a possibility at Sweetwater, though my guitar was probably easier to fit than an acoustic 12-string. The case description provided the guitar dimensions that were needed. I talked to a tech at Sweetwater to confirm the fit before buying. It was a perfect fit. Good luck.

This gives a good idea of the required measurements.

I’ve had a hiscox case for years, they have some guidance

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