Chord Adventure? Ok. What's this E (something)?

I was playing around somewhere between Chord Theory and Grade 2 Mod 8, L8 Open Chord Study. Stretch your brain.


This E chord sound nice. I have no idea what it is called. It has a Sharpened 3rd.
What would this be called? It doesn’t fit nicely into the maj/min/aug/dim matrix.
But my guess is that music theory has a way to handle it.

Esus, Asus2/E and some others.

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Hi Daniel,

this chord is called Esus4 and sus stands for suspended.

As you see, from the regular E-chord, you only have the 1 ond the 5 - the 3rd is missing (G# for major, G for minor), it is substituted with the 4 (A), therefore called sus4.

The 3rd is the most crucial note in a chord when it comes to define whether it major or minor. When you play the E-chord as above, you’ll notice it does neither sound majory, nor minory, right? :smiley:

Hope this helps a little. :slight_smile:


Thanks Lisa, that actually helps a lot. Now it makes sense. Appreciated! :+1:

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I think it’s in the Esus.

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Wow I thought it was Amaj. Then I remembered that I was left handed.

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I’ve been digging and have found a website tool where you can enter a chord shape and get the name of the chord. There are probably others out there, but this one is working for me at the moment.

Good stuff.

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I also found a good site that shows you all the ways to play a particular chord (and you can hear the chord as a strum or as individual notes)

For example, this are the possible A6 variations:

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i sent you a link to I site 2weeks ago and you said you didn’t need. Funny how things change.

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You’re talking to a guy who has difficulty remembering what he ate for breakfast.
Send it to me again. Or send me the link where I said “I don’t need it.” Now I’m curious. :wink:
Perhaps that was my evil twin.