Chord changes with App

i am embarrassed to ask this - but i am using App for songs (LOVE IT!) and i do the chords on the beat that the app shows. HOWEVER, i just noticed NITSUJ Module 3 Practices - Justin is strumming each chord on each beat - even though the app is showing 1 chord/strum per 2 beats.

Should i be doing this?

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AND he is doing up strums on the songs…am i supposed to know how and when to do this already? did i miss something? i am on Beginner 1, Module 4.

Hello @Karende

I think there are quite a number of song play-through videos where Justin is playing along with the App and he starts out with very simple, very new beginner strumming, then opens out to demonstrate how beginner songs can be played with more complex strumming also. He constantly states that beginner songs are there to be returned to once you have developed further skills and this is proof of that.

Nitsuj has occasionally shown a tendency to over-excitement and I believe Justin has occasionally reprimanded him for trying to run before he can walk!! :wink:

Nitsuj knows music inside out and likely finds it difficult to keep himself in check even when supposedly keeping to the keep it simple credo.

Cheers :smiley:
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Exactly. He is playing one strum per beat in most of the early vids - then suddenly he is strumming away! LOL As long as i didn’t miss something, i am good with it. Thank you for quick reply - have a great day.

Hi @Karende

Beginner 1, Module 2 introduces strumming down once every down-beat. Once you are comfortable with four down strums per bar Justin suggests to try strumming on beats 1 and 3, missing the down strums on beats 2 and 4. There is no strumming practice listed in the practice session breakdown but worth incorporating into your song practice once your comfortable strumming on beat 1 for the songs you are practicing.

Beginner 1, Module 3 introduces strumming patterns with ups and is included in practice session breakdown. Justin introduces two strumming patterns with ups. The first pattern has an up strum after beat 2 and the second pattern has an up strum after beats 2 and 3. The latter pattern is the precursor of the old faithful strumming pattern in Module 4.

Its maybe worth revisiting the strumming lessons in Modules 2 and 3 whilst you’re working on Module 4.


I understand the strumming patterns, ups/downs, etc.
My question, specifically here is playing the chord ONLY on the 1st beat or all 4 like justin was doing in the Nitsuj vids. On some practice songs, he was strumming each chord 2-4 beats.

Hi Karen - are you looking at the strumming pattern for the songs given by the app when you click on the chord box on top right hand corner?

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since i have no clue what you are referring to…i think it is safe to say…NO? lol

That’s ok. I’ll write this out in a bit of detail just in case someone else comes along that new to the application. You may already know all of this. If not hope it helps.

On the application when you are in the paused song play screen, there is a chord diagram icon at the right upper corner. If you tap that icon you will find the chord videos and strumming pattern of the selected song.

When you select the strumming pattern option to see the strumming pattern for the song, if you click the “play button” it allows you to practice the strumming pattern with the beat.

The play along screen shows you the chords you have to play but does not show you the strumming pattern as you would apply that strumming pattern yourself.

The dots above the lyric lines are supposed to help count the beats. The bigger dots are the beats and the smaller ones are the ands.


Oh lordy - i just looked at app and wow! was i missing a huge chunk! i shall be busy this weekend. lol