Chord discrepancies between video song lessons and app

Hello! Just needed some clarification on chords taught in the video song lessons versus the chords for those same songs on the app. Which chords are used if I want to play with the original recording? For instance, the video lesson for Walk of Life has E, A, and D but the app has E, A, and B. I know the app has undergone an awesome update and the video lessons are somewhat older and it’s not as easy to redo those. Thanks!

Hi Kevin.
Walk of life is based around a standard 12-bar rock ‘n’ roll progression using the 1, 4 & 5 - in Roman numerals I, IV & V.

The original song is in the key of E major.
Chords = E, A, B (1, 4 & 5 respectively).

Transposed to a different key but still using the format of 1, 4 & 5 Justin’s video lesson is aimed at beginners who have learned their first three chord shapes: A, D & E.
Those chords, in the order written, just happen to be the 1, 4 & 5 chords in the key of A major.

Same ‘chord movement’ but a different key.

To use the A, D & E chord shapes but play along with the original key of E major you need to use a capo and place it at the 5th fret.



Thank you! There’s the eureka moment I needed. Justin even said that in the video lesson about capo placement. I studied music theory for four years in college but my working knowledge revolved around voice and piano. This excites me that I get to dust off the cobwebs and apply what I know as I learn my way around the guitar fretboard.

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You may want to take a look at this then, to supplement your dust and cobwebs, as its guitar specific,



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Many thanks! At least this lesson won’t be forced on me at 8am on a Monday morning in a lecture hall…
…he says at 6am on a Monday morning…

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