Chord Families & Simplified Extensions

I group all chords into five categories to simplify their extensions better!

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I don’t know how to make the most of this lesson. I don’t know the complex chords, I know only basic ones, like diatonics, maj7, min7, etc. So I don’t know where to start, and what to practice. Can you help?

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Hello @yongjusong024 and welcome to the community.
This is more of a theoretical exploration of songs you know or songs you go and retrieve with their chord progressions. Justin writes:

You are not expected to play the complex chords. You are encouraged to find and identify chords that have the functions this lessons teaches (whether simple or more complex (remember the complex can all be categorised as altered 7ths).

I’m having a similar misunderstanding to @yongjusong024 on knowing where to take this…

@Richard_close2u - does this mean just to chose some songs and apply the naming conventions to them? So for example, Brown Eyed GIrl is I, IV, I, V…they are all Majors, but the V chord is a functioning dominant chord as it resolves to the I…I know this is an easy example, but is that the aim here?

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Yes. That is totally the aim.
Here is an example with more chords.