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Exploring chords is a great way to discover new sounds and feels on your guitar!

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My favorite thing that I have tried so far is lifting the first finger off of the A-Minor, and progressing to C and then FMaj7.


Well, this wouldn’t have even entered my head. Looking forward to giving this a go.

you know what I am 67 (no not old and fragile! anything but} i have take up guitar for the first time in my life, I could not even tap to the beat , I have been practicing from the start with Justin for 1yr now, i am guessing i have not progressed as quickly as lot of students i have nothing to gauge it by but i am loving the journey i am not in it just to learn a couple of songs but to learn how to play the Guitar, read music and write songs which Justins course provides, hearing this chord freedom at this stage was certainly a joy to hear. Justin has certainly opened up my life and given me the confidence to carry on learning and given me the possibility of actually playing those wonderful songs i love so much


Hi @Stevieboro and welcome to the community.
A few remarks …
Congarts for passing the 1-year marker and sticking with it.
At 67 you’re in good company, Check the old dogs topic herehere, maybe introduce yourself.
To gauge your progress we have people who are raw beginners on up to quite experienced players posting audio-video of themselves here. Not for any competitive showing off but for fun and to gain a little insight / critique if it is offered too.

Cheers :smiley:
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I LOVE this lesson! Played along with the app. Peaceful Easy Feeling, and just lifting up my fingers felt peaceful and easy! Did it sound good all the time? Absolutely not, but there were some good sounding ones in between the bad ones😀. The other benefit is that my fingers hurt less because I’m changing within the chords.

great lesson indeed… I found it great to check what Justin says here by playing the intro from Kansas - Dust in the WIND with A and C sus / maj7 etc. Check it out, sounds lovely.

My favorite lesson so far. Have been having fun with the whole evening ! the E variation easily end up into a blues :slight_smile:

This module help me with exploring many different chord variations to the standard chords I’ve already learned. I have been playing the baritone ukulele for a couple of years now and use many of the moveable chord shapes from that to play “mini-chords” on my guitar - the 1-4 strings mostly, unless the A string works with the mix. It turns out to be an easily amazing way to add texture and depth to songs as you are playing.

Really enjoyed this lesson, this is exactly what I needed to give me some edge to making random noise inbetween song practice. I think I might have accidentally discovered a bit of Sparks by The Who (Even got it to kinda sound like the Leeds recording) when moving the D-chord around. Playing a D-chord, then D sus-4, then removing the pinky and the second finger (Played at the 4th fret)

This is so amazing. I have speeded through a lot of lessons and are now at this one. Dmaj7 and A7 was mentioned. That was totally cool to watch this video. :joy: - When Justin came to the E, I was just like, try moving the index one string down, but didn’t happen. That’s actually a Cmaj7 with root on second string. Also recently discovered G6 - I have made a little circle from this real quick, starting with at Am and goes like this: Am - E - Cmaj7 - C - G - G6 - G7 - D7 - Dmaj7 - A7 - Amaj7 - E - Am - E - Am ----- That’s a funny one :joy: - TABS: - x02210 - x22100 - x22000 - x22010 - x32010 - 320033 - 320000 - 320001 - xx0212 - xx0222 - x02020 - x02120 - x22100 - x02210 - x22100 - x02210 ------ This is just so much fun. Really cool to explore and what they are called, it comes as finding those that sound really interesting. :joy: - There was a link to “Chord Shape Explorer” lessons, so will for sure look at those lessons also. - I am hooked. I feel at home here :sunglasses: :joy: ---- Two types of Cmaj7: The one Justin show is x32000, x-C-E-G-B-E ---- The one I went for is x22010, x-B-E-G-C-E

Thank you Justin for this wise lesson, I already tried moving chord up and down or experimenting a bit but I had a bit of guilt since it felt a bit like doing random stuff without understanding what’s going on. I now feel validated

absolutely loved this. opened my mind to a new world

Great lesson! Creative and empowering. One of my favorites so far.

Great lesson, cheers

As someone who gets a bit obsessed with technique and doing things right, this was a timely reminder that the reason I wanted to play in the first place was as a form of self-expression.

Now Justin, I know you will probably never see this. But I still want to say thank you for what you’ve created here, having free access to these lessons and community means more than you know. You’re awesome mate!