Chord help needed!

Hi all…can anyone help withnthese chords…i have neen given some band music to play with these chords which i cant find anywhere. Not greatvat music theory so cant work out…any help would ge great!!

Thanks guys…carrpuss

This will help!

But there’s no such thing as Bmin dim or the others. It’s either minor or diminished!

Welcome to the forum Joe

I could be totally off base here but diminished chords are made up of a R flat3 and a flat 5 so a Bmdim would just be a Bdim because it already has a flat 3rd making it minor.

So the chord you are looking for are Bdim Dbdim7 (Db7b5) and Adim


Great this i5s really useful! Not sure why they sent me those chord nanes?
Ill go for the chords you suggested…thanks so much. Joe