Chord help or cheat ideas - Bm6/G# in the song Goodbye by Def Leppardun

I don’t know what category this belongs in so I apologize if this is incorrect. I am trying to expand my chord knowledge to the intermediate level and I am stuck on the Bm6/G# chord. There is a song that has that in the pre-chorus. I have been trying to think of anything that would be a suitable substitute. I can play the rest of the song but can’t believe one note is killing me here. The song is “Goodbye” by Def Leppard, a stretch goal for me. The chords in the pre-chorus are Bm-Bm7/A-Bm6/G#- G and A. I tried a B6, B, C#, F# minor (almost but too much bass).

I would appreciate any ideas anyone has or simply let me know if my fingers can’t do the correct chord yet, maybe I am not ready for the song yet. Thanks everyone


Hi Jeff,

What about ignoring the “/G#” and just playing a normal Bm6? Something like


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Thanks! I’ll try that and see how it goes. That would be an easy transition from Bm7/A.

Are you using your thumb to play the G#

I’m Using a pick for now

Using your thumb over the top of the fret board to play the G# on the E string.


I have played a d/f# this way. I think I misunderstood what you wrote saying thinking you meant fingerpicking, which I am not too good at. Thanks for the video!

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Hi Jeff, you have a few options depending on whether you’re playing alone or along with the track and on whether you can grab a bass note on the low E string with your thumb.

Based around a B minor chord around fret 2, using the A-shape 5th string root barre, you would arpeggiate the following:

B minor . - B minor ..

B minor 7 -A . - B minor 7 -A ..

B minor 6 -G# . - B minor 6 -G# ..

Then play a G chord followed by an A chord. This creates movement in the bass, the bass notes descending B - A - G# - G and rising back to A at the end.
Note that it is the bass note in the ‘B minor’ chords that gives them their name / quality and means they are slash chords / inversions.
A is the b7.
G# is the 6.

Alternatively, you can base it around a 4-string version of an E-shape B minor chord around fret 7. This may not be exactly like the arpeggiated chords you hear on the record but gives you an option if the thumb over for the G# note shown above is too awkward.

B minor 02 . - B minor 02

B minor 7 -A 02 . - B minor 7 -A 02

B minor 6 -G# 02 . - B minor 6 -G# 02

I hope that helps.
Cheers :smiley:
| Richard_close2u | JustinGuitar Moderator, Guide & Approved Teacher


Wow Richard. You really are a wealth of knowledge and always helpful in getting me and others on the right track. This definitely gives me something to work on for a stretch goal. This is a lot to take in, but if I break it down piece by piece I will get there. Thanks a million!

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I ended up going with an F# minor chord and it seemed to fit. Check out my video and see. I will work on your advice Richard, but not quite at the skill level yet to play intricate arpeggios. I will give it a go and it will come with time.