Chord Library Amaj7 Typo

Needed to learn this chord for a song, so I looked in the chord library, there is a typo in the description, it calls it Amin7/G, the chord box shows Amaj7.

Richard @Richard_close2u you might want to check this out to see if I am correct.

The chord contains a C#, so I guess it must be major?

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Chis @jacksprat
Yes agreed and only G note is G#

I agree with you, Michael, and have flagged for the Team.

I think if a slash chord (/G) the shape would include the G note at the 3rd fret on the low E string. Iā€™m no theory expert so not sure if that even makes musical sense.

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Thanks @MAT1953 defo a typo.
It is on a fix list.
The correct name is there.

The only error in the text.