Chord structure varies - Patience - Guns N' Roses

I was going over this course and coming up with a complete chord structure, rhythm patterns, Dsus patterns, Tabs and all of that. Really scrutinizing the song as this is one I feel I can bring forward with my journey. Adding more as I go kind of thing.

So I have noticed that in the first lesson, there is only one F chord used at the end of the song. In my mind, right now, this is the easier beginners

As I go along, the second and third lessons are more on the advanced(original)side? Using F chord, G/B, and even Bb. Seems to make sense but no real affirmation? (I have the JG Tabs)

This is played in 2 different keys?? From part 1 to parts 2 & 3? If my theory is correct? But I should still be able to play both on separate guitars and should sound wicked kinda thing?

Where is my thinking correct, and where is it not!! :thinking:

From a bit confused student.

Rock on!

Where did you get those tabs? Why would anyone tune down to Eb then barre every chord to play it in standard tuning?

Why do you think Patience is in two different keys? GnR play it tuned to Eb put you can play it in standard tuning using the same open chord. If you’re finding different tabs that’s because there are 3 or 4 guitars playing different parts but they’re all in the same Key.

Well according to JG Tabs, it is played tuned down 1/2 step.

This is my confused part. I remembered a lil theory trick and realized both were in the key of G. So, I figured that out.

2 different versions. Part 1 only uses F at end of ottro. Now it seems it can be transposed to The C chords being F chords, and Bm comes into play at end of outtro. So can both versions be played and sound good to wicked? And would this be an easier version and more advanced version that would jive well. Hate to put alot of effort for nothing.

Yes GnR play it tuned down to Eb so that would be in the key of Gb if you tune down.
I believe Justin teaches it in standard tuning.
I just checked the tabs for the second lesson and the are wrong. The intro to Patience is C G A and D with an Em third time around.
The tabs in the first lesson are correct. I have no idea why the tabs for the second video are transposed to the key of C but they’re wrong.

Yes, I follow that much. Thankfully. :slightly_smiling_face:

So that’s why it seemed like Bm was an off chord, out of key from what I was going by for the theory I know

That clears up alot. 2 keys don’t really mix. Glad I asked.

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Thanks for the feedback, Rick, I’ll pass it on

You’re correct as @stitch mentions, the TAB lands on an error for some reason.

By default, opening the TAB page, lessons 2 and 3 open the chord TAB in the key of C, starting on an F chord.
The full TAB is consistent on all three lessons.
To make them all match, when in lessons 2 and 3, hit the transpose button to take it all down five semitones.

@DavidP has also reported the anomaly.

So glad I mentioned this.

I trusted @stitch theory knowledge.:wink: Now it has also been confirmed! And so the train moves on, sefely.

If I wouldn’t have had some theory knowledge and things didn"t seem right from what I do know. I probably would have spent a lot of wasted time. Haha! I dodged ya!!! :laughing:

I know youvhave heard this many times. But it’s all thanks to you the JG team and this community. Not saying thank you every time I get the chance, is hard to resist. :+1::v::slightly_smiling_face:

Oh and see you later today. Enjoy yourself!

Rock on!
Grateful Student

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