Chords In Keys On The Neck

Learn how to find chord progressions using your guitar fretboard.

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Great lesson as always! However, I am a little confused watching Justin strum the IV and V Major chords. I can see he is fretting the Root and 5th note but, it appears he strums all the strings including the open G,B, and E strings, which aren’t necessarily in the chord. What am I missing?
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Kevin, I haven’t watched the lesson but assume he is playing barre chords and will be using the index finger to mute the GBE strings and the tip of the index finger to mute the low E when the root note is on the A string. That way you can strum all 6 strings and only the required notes ring out.

Hi David, thank you for the reply! He definitely plays a barre chord on the root note of the key but, it doesn’t look like he is barring or muting any of the strings except the low E with his finger tip. It also sounds as though the G B E strings are ringing out. I could be wrong.

Hi Kevin I’d like to try and help but the link to the lesson links to a subscription serviced lesson.

Is there a subscription specific helpline?


Hi Kevin,

I just watched this. It does look to me that he is playing barre chords. All strings are being strummed (except for the 6th string on A shape barre chords) as he goes through the Maj, Min, Min, Maj, Maj progression.


Hello @Washburn64 and welcome to the community.

Justin is playing E-shape and A-shape major barre chords.

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Rod and Richard,
Thanks for the input! It made sense that he was playing the A shape barre chord but his index finger looked like it was arched to high for it. Looks can be deceiving! Especially in pictures and video.

Thanks again and look forward to interacting with you again.


The next lesson shows some common chord progressions, and shows Under the Bridge as an example in the Key of E. How can I apply this diagram when the root is on the 5th Fret on the A string as it is in Under the Bridge?

The root would be on the 7th fret of the A string or the open E string.
If the former, shift the diagram across one string so it sits on the A and D strings rather than E and A. If the latter simply see the root and the IV as being the open E and A strings.
Hope that helps.

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What fingering was Justin using for the diminished chord. I’m not sure why it always gets dismissed as it sounded great!

That was a root 5 min7b5 (minor seventh flat five or half-diminished) grip. You can find it here as well: 10 Basic Jazz Chords

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Thanks Jozsef, I’ll be trying that one out running through my diatonic chords!