Chords & Strumming Pattern For This Song

Hey Guys,
I have difficulty in finding chords and strumming pattern for the mentioned video.

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Do you know how to play a mini F chord? If so after the D chord he’s playing F#, G, A using the mini barre F shape. the rest are open chords.
If you don’t know the mini F here’s the lesson It’s the 3rd chord in the lesson
The strumming pattern you’ll have to use you’re ears and figure it out. That’s the best way to learn strumming patterns.


Did you know you can slow down youtube video’s?

You can try to mimic his hands OR use only your ear to try and the chord that corresponds with the shapes he’s playing (since these aren’t regular open chords but more the "thumb over neck hendrix style versions of barres).

I can’t check sound here at work but I can see in the video he’s strongly strumming something that is probably a chorus which consists of regular C,D , G and Em open chords.

Yeah I’ve already tried what you said.
As of now I’m a beginner and I know few open chords that’s the cause I’ve had some complexity in finding those.

Hello @SHAREEF and welcome to the community.

The first part is:

D, F#m, G, A

The D chord is an open D major chord though he plays it with a different fingering to the ‘conventional’ one, he has switched fingers 1 and 2.
The F#m is a mini-barre across just four string.
The G and A are mini-barres across five strings.

He then transitions to a different chord progression by playing:
Em, C, G, D

Then he goes into the main chorus which is:
G, Em, C, D

The rhythm is a basic 4/4 and you could use any strum pattern to fit:

D, D, D, D

D, D, D, U, D, U

D, D, U, D, D, U


Thanks sir…