Chris here - saying Hi and looking for a jam buddy nr St.Ives, Cambridgeshire, UK

Hi there I’m Chris - I’ve been learning via Justin for almost 2 years now and am enjoying it but didn’t realise that learning electric guitar would be this difficult!

I’m based near St. Ives, Cambridgeshire UK, and I think it’d help if I could find a local jam buddy of a similar level to me (i.e. equally as bad!). I’ve finished the beginners grade 2 and enjoy playing rock, but I’m flexible and keen to learn other skills - not just power chords!

Get in touch if you’re local and keen to jam with someone else.

Cheers, Chris

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Hi Chris and welcome !

Can’t help you on the jamming front, as over in Normandy. Hope you hook up with someone.
I think there are some website in the UK they may be help.
@Rossco01 Jason I am sure you have mentioned one or two in the past ?


:sunglasses: is probably the best site I’ve used. You can post an advert for free or reply to one for free. The best way to approach it is to post an ad with a link to something you’ve recorded so people can get a feel for what level you are at. Classifieds are organised by county.

I’d suggest meeting somewhere neutral. Pirate studios have loads of locations in the UK and they are quite cheap. Easy to book online too.


Welcome Chris,

as long as it is fun, it’s no disaster that it can be difficult at times? :smiley:
For any doubts and questions, the Community is here to help you!


That looks a great resource @Rossco01!

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Putting on my ‘old foggie’ hat here. Just be very careful meeting up with people you don’t know and have only spoken to online. Neutral ground, tell someone where you’re going ….etc etc.

That’s true. Thanks for the advice @sairfingers
The website looks great but it’s mainly for people looking to set up bands rather than just looking to jam along for fun. I’ll keep watching and waiting to see what opportunities come along.

Hello Chris and welcome. :slight_smile:

I hope you manage to find a jam buddy.

That’s true but there is nothing stopping you advertising for that. To be honest I’ve really not found anything better in the UK.

Another way might be to join some group based guitar classes (so you come in to contact with other learners) some local colleges/schools often do these OR look for Open mics which advertise themselves as get togethers or beginner/informal jam sessions (there are a few around and they will provide chord sheets etc).

Really your next step up for meeting people is to attend an Open Mic but at that point you’ve gone beyond being a beginner who is looking for some practice with others.

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Another site worth checking out is



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