Chris's Learning Log

Nice to meet you all!

My name is Chris, and I’m a beginner guitarist, started last year of October, who lives in the US. I’m 28 and finally finish with grad school and final achieved my dream job in the tech field. Since I had a lot of spare time after work, I wanted to express myself a little better and wanted to work on honing something for the rest of my life. So I picked playing the guitar since I love the melody and technique that’s it produces.

Currently, I’m taking in-person guitar classes once a week and a few guitar workshop, learning new technique with songs enforcing the technique.

Weakness I know is playing the guitar is having time practicing actual playing full songs then the pieces. I love learning new techniques then actually learning the new songs lol which I know, I need to work on. Going to post my progress here for more feed back,

Here is my weekly routine, 3–4 hours a day.

Private lessons once a week with a private teacher in my area.
In a guitar workshop where there are level for graduation Graduated level 1-5 now in level 6.

Solo Technique Learning solo 4
Books - Suke Cerulo just pickup level 1 lead book and working a chapter each week, every day.

I have goals in my guitar Journey which is the standard is reaching to advance but in terms of levels.

Level 1: Learn to play the guitar properly.
Level 2: Learn to play the solos of my Family culture, Kompa.
Kompa Music - KOMPA JAM - YouTube
Level 3: Songs in my Playlist - Songs I NEED TO PLAY - YouTube - This is constantly updating since I never knew the songs were so exciting.
Level 4: Learn to play music by ear and transcribe them.

I have a cheap 100-150 guitar and told my teacher, If I play as an intermediate let me know since I want to earn the rite of passage and able to purchase 300-600 guitar. Same with Advance - 600+.

Here is my guitar logs where I post my progress but I will send it here.

Thanks for reading my long, complicated thoughts.


Keep up the great work.
Have fun.

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Great stuff Chris. I work/ed in software development and the tactile feel of the guitar is a great contrast to the tech. Keep up the great progress. Learning complete songs was the biggest thing for me.

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Congrats on completing the studies and landing that dream job, Chris.

Wish you well with your guitar learning and playing.

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Hi Chris, thanks for sharing your thoughts! You seem to be quite focused and on a good path, this will pay off. You are only 28, good age to start, as hopefully you are able to spend decades on learning!
I wish you a lot of fun!

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Hi Chris. Good you started your learning log. It’s the best place to receive advice and encouragement for your guitar learning. Congratulations on the completion of the courses you’ve taken. Everything will add up to make you a very good guitarist. The next step of every technique you learn is to apply it on actual songs or musical pieces so I think you should allocate some time for that in your practice routine. All that you’ve learnt till now plus all the lessons Justin has can help you to be playing Kompa guitar soon. Check all the Justin Guitar lessons from the beginning even if they look to be below your grade, you can pass quickly with what you are already fluent or is not your main interest now, and spend more time with what you find useful.

Kind of lazy to post my videos every day on here, but here is my 6 months journey of playing the guitar. Still have a long way to go, but will get there. Feedbacks, on what I need to do is always appreciate it.


Hi Chris, thank you for sharing your six month progress. Some nice sounds there. In addition to hitting the intended notes you’re being able to control the sound with intent and musicality. Keep working on it.

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Making excellent progress, Chris.

I would suggest you post shorter videos, as people more likely to watch the entire video if shorter 3-5 minutes.

Keep on keeping on.

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Here is my 8-12 months journey of playing the guitar. Still have a long way to go, but will get there. Feedbacks, on what I need to do is always appreciate it. @DavidP Made the video a lot shorter, ⁣:slight_smile:

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