Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) (another seasonal bump)

Anything @brianlarsen, @sairfingers and @LBro can do, I can do too :grin:

From the same contest, here is the collaboration I participated in with @max_mue and @pkboo3

The opportunity to produce songs through the collaboration of Community members is just another reason why there may be no better place to learn guitar than at

I’ve been privileged to participate in two others (if there’s interest then I’ll re-publish those) and have enjoyed many others that bring people from the Gold Coast to Seattle together.

Hope you all enjoy another look and listen.


That’s such a great collab, I loved everything about it it - the song, the music, the singing, the production, the video. The 3 of you did an amazing cover on this one, glad to see it posted again!


Another good one, all around: vocals, playing, and production – a complete package.

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Another treat in my musical advent calendar
Max sure is making a comeback :wink:
I imagine if you were to give this another go, you’d be joining in the vocals, eh David?


I’ll graciously, happily, and gratefully take the acknowledgement of my improvement in singing, Brian, but probably still better to leave it to my betters in such a collaboration :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

A great Christmas bump David. Super collaboration from the three of you. Production was clearly in your blood even back then.

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Gordon, can’t say what the trigger was, perhaps just a consequence of buying the Audio Interface and starting to use a DAW to make audio-only recordings.

Early on I could see the possibilities of multi-tracking and making use of midi and digital instruments. As far as I can tell, my first attempt was made 5 months after starting the BC, with a recording of Stand By Me.

I suppose you could call it a happy accident. Who knows how my path would have developed if I’d opted to just use my phone to make a video recording, and perhaps stripped the audio out if I was too self-conscious to post video rather than just audio.

Everybody’s path is their own. I have a lot of time invested into the music production path, which some might say could have been spent practising actual playing. I’d certainly be a better player now but overall I’ve thoroughly enjoyed learning about production and collaborations such as this are every bit as fulfilling as being able to learn and use more intermediate guitar techniques as a solo player-singer.

Collaborative goodness.

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Thank dog someone decided to shut the old house down !! We get to listen to all these gems again.
Coolio :sunglasses:

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Another happy memory! Always enjoy collaborating with you all.

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I remember that one! What a great track and winning collaboration. True classic. :+1: