Christmas TV!***

Is it just me !! What’s happened to Christmas TV?
Utter crap. 7.35pm Celebrity Lego Masters.!! Dad’s Army turkey dinner. Aaarrrggghh.


What! Not even an ”Only fools and horses” on anywhere? :weary:

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A good and proper “Christmas TV” is someone reading you a story!

LibriVox has several free of charge.


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I don`t like this gifs,…but i can’t delete it,…
It looked nice but it certainly wasn’t… :grimacing:
Love … :evergreen_tree: :santa: :smiley: :innocent: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hey I was able to delete it :smiley:

TV is … :innocent: :see_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

Thought it had always been that way Gordon ! Is the Great Escape on ? If not its not Christmas after all. :rofl:

Well, I don’t know about other countries, but here in Hungary “Christmas TV” equals either the first or the second part of Home Alone, or both. So yeah, quality is not a consideration.

Yesterday I watched a film I haven’t seen for years. It has nothing to do with Christmas, but I had to make a screenshot of this frame:

It wasn’t on TV, of course.

I am enjoying a view tonight, usually though I am VOD all the way in :grinning:

Just been watching a wonderful French film on the 2010 IOM TT on YT. Beats carp Xmas movies and :poop: TV. featuring many of my road racing bike heroes and reminding me of the special place I visited in '74 '75 and '76. Also a reminder of the sad loss of the Kiwi rider Paul Dobbs that year. But the words of his widow gave me a kick up the butt and despite my recent canine loss, I need to haul ass and get living again !

Lets get the tinsel period over and done with and get down to some serious rockin !

:santa: :point_up_2: (close enough) :christmas_tree:


Don’t bother with conventional TV now, only Netflix and Prime. Got rid of tv box solely for broadband. Don’t miss is either lol.


Ugh…Tv… I gave up on that years ago. Out here, depending on your provider, you get 99+ channels, with nothing interesting going on.
The only reason i have i it still, is because the misses won’t part with it.
I watch series and movies though, but those are provided by netflix and such. Way much better.