Chromatic Intervals Worksheet

Chart of all the intervals and then a couple of worksheets for you to test out on your intervals.

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Gotta say I feel like pulling my hair out with the second set of 20 questions. I’m scoring inconsistently, but won’t let myself move on until I come down with a 100%.

-One specific one giving me a big headache is: Why is the Minor 3rd above G# not B?
-I mentally keep track of sharps/flats of keys using something of the Cato diagram and/or Circle of Fifths. But I feel like this is a very clunky way of counting out what notes I’m on…is there a better way? Or is it just the hard road to memorizing all the keys and notes with time?

Hi there,

According to the solutions, the minor 3rd above G# is indeed B, so you got that correct.

You’re right. In my frustration, I was actually answering Bb on my own worksheet and accidentally typed B here (the right answer! lol). Thanks for your response, I need to slow down and clear my head some more.

100% correct on the first try. It was a good idea to do the music theory slow and not go through the whole course fast. I think one year has gone since I began this course.