Circus Maximus - Last Goodby (Intro solo)

Like you may, or may not know, I’ve been playing guitar for about 1.5 years and I’ve been taking private lessons since September '21.

My teacher chose the song ‘Last Goodbye’ by the Norwegian Prog metalband, Circus Maximus(he did not know it was very technical song :sweat_smile:).

I’ve been training on the part for the last 20 weeks and now iam confident enough to share the results of 2 hours / day worth of guitar training.

The solo consist of the following techniques:
hammer/pull-off combi
half-step & full step bends
slides within the fret
Palm Mutes
Alternate picking

This is me playing the solo at 50% of the BPM. That makes around 70 BPM:

There are of course some mistakes, partly because I’m filming myself, that makes me nervous and that results in some mistakes. Also when the backend track is being played at 50%, it makes it so that my guitar is done making noise, but not the backend track… which than results in some long ‘pause’s’ :laughing:

This is the original:


That sounds pretty good, someody, showing the reward of all your practice. Thanks for sharing

First off congratz on your first recording, it is anyways a stressful thing to do and you managed to go through it! :slight_smile: second I think you are getting there at your own pace, keep up the good work and eventually you will nail it down :slight_smile: all the best

Well done on posting your first AVoYP. Sounds like a difficult piece and with your hard work you’ll nail it.


I got good days and bad days, yesterday was what i call a in-between day… had better days :slight_smile: .

Its a very difficult piece, yes… but not as hard and complex as the chord changes in the melody part of the song :sweat: .

I could play solo at about 60%, but i wont untill i’m sure i’m not making any big mistakes anymore.

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Congratulations on your first AVOYP posting Demon. That was a sweet bit of playing and I look forward to you getting it up to 100% speed.

The goals is to reach 90-100% by the end of the year for this part of the song. i’ll be incrementing the speed by 2-5% and so on until I reach 90% :smiley:

Hi Demon, that was a good result showing all the practice is paying off. It’d be good if you could tweak your video composition a bit. I would have liked to have seen all your face and an angle that showed more of the guitar and your left hand working.

i’d rather not have my face on a video on the internet… but next time i’ll try to angle the camera so the strumming handd is more visible :thinking:

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Where about 6 months since i last posted a progress update in this topic. The last months i started doing scale work with a metronome and the hard work really paid off.

The following clip was the second, and best take at 100% speed:

i’m still making some mistakes, but the movement is way more fluid than before and i barely have an issue following the tab.

Also a big thanks to eevee for not complaining about the noise levels!

Bravo, I relooked at the first and you’ve made fantastic progress. Well done!

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