Clapton's Cocaine solo and a bit of blagging it!

So it’s another month - Trying to keep on track with posting something I’ve been working on each month. It’s been a busy one in the ‘real world’ so not as much time for guitar practice as I would like…but I’ve been working a bit on the solo from Clapton/Cream’s version of Cocaine.

I’m about 2/3 through the solo but probably only ‘comfortable’ with the first third, If you know the song you’ll notice where I just start some improv for a few bars.

It’s a great solo to learn - lots to take away from it and apply to improvisation.

I’m pleased with my timing on this one but the faster licks need a bit of work (still those pesky pull offs!)

I do very much appreciate the feedback on these videos so please let me know what you think.


I thought that was very cool & you didn’t even need to look at the fretboard WOW! The only constructive comment I can offer is some of the notes earlier in the solo sounded like they needed to ring out a little longer but I don’t know the song that well so might just be how I’d prefer the solo written in the first place :wink:

Sounded pretty good, Joe. I don’t know the original solo to have a mental reference, so can’t make comparisons.

Yeah baby……:ok_hand:

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Sounds like a good foundation. I know the song but not as familiar with solo note for note to offer constructive critique but as Leon remarked, it felt like some sustain was missing in parts. Last version I heard was JJ’s so that the reference earworm I’m getting.


Way cool Joe :+1:

Nice one! :clap: There were some really smooth phrases in there. I thought the bit where you did a few string bends in a row was particularly good.

Something sounded a little off at 0:22, maybe that’s what you were referring to about pulloffs in the faster licks?

I hope I’ll be able to play this well someday.

Coming along nicely. I also thought it was pretty cool how you didn’t need to look the the fretboard. I figure most guitarists do when they’re soloing!

I’ve listened to this song quite a bit although not for a while. I reckon even your improv fit the song.

That was great Joe. You looked very comfortable playing it and you wouldn’t know that you hadn’t had s much time as you’d have liked to practice .

Enjoyed this, and it’s fun to see a video made in the midst of learning. Tone was right, bends solid too.

How slow are you playing when you practice those faster bits?

It’s going good :ok_hand:. The bendings were on tune as I can tell.

I m curious about your learning approach. Are you using a tab? or you are figuring out the notes by ear?

Keep up the good work :+1:

Great stuff.

Hi all - sorry to drag this old thread up but I wanted to apologise for not replying to you all.
Thanks for all the comments and encouragement - I definitely take your point about letting the notes sustain - I think it’s something about focusing too much on where my fingers are going and not enough on the sound I’m making. I’ve tried to work on the sustain.

@jsgreen I’ve tried slowing it right down to just learn the pattern and get it under my fingers.

@Rumil A bit of both really - I used some tabs to start off, but found the way it was tabbed unnatural to play so some phrases I played around and found a way that worked for me.

I’ll try and post an updated video of this track if I get a chance over the next week. Hopefully there’s some improvement!

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