Class of 23 Invite

Although I’m very much a beginner and started taking myself down the route to be a member of the Class of 23, I had my finger x’d that the facebook part was not going to be obligatory., not to be sadly.

I thought better of it now I have the invite, knowing what I KNOW of facebook and their instusions into places they had no legal rights to go, I would rather pay the $39 for the strumming couse than be FORCED to have the facebook account to have free access to the same course.

Started to apply for this and gave up.

Whats not on the Email.

Might be a good idea , who knows yet.!, very badly implemented with incredibly poor timing.


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Like many other aspects in life, you have a choice… accept the conditions and use the service, or don’t. From what I gather of the Class of 23 concept, it’s not just a way for people to get free stuff. The social aspect is supposed to be a big part of it, so if you don’t want to engage in that on the platform they’ve chosen, then I guess it’s not for you. It’s not for me either.

I think you’re letting internet hysteria get the better of you regarding Facebook too. Yes the company is dubious, yes they will gather more data than you’d like them to if you let them. But it’s perfectly possible to have an account on the platform without surrendering anything of import. Nobody forces you to install the Facebook app on your phone, put your real name on your account, add a list of all your family and friends, a map of where you’ve lived your whole life and what schools you attended, or make any posts or photo uploads whatsoever. You have a lot more choice in your involvement than internet conspiracy theorists would have you believe.

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I don’t think so,

There was no need for FB to send me details of a persons entire family from one phone call.
the only way they could have know to send me that persons information is to link our phone numbers.

I don’t trust them.


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With or without a fake name…or their system is overloaded. !

I’m aware that we have a number of people in the community who avoid FB for many reasons. As you are one such it seems the Class of 23 is not for you. As to the other issues, can I ask you to email Laryne using with your concerns / issues and questions. She may be able to help.

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Hello - if you’ve received that Welcome Email, you’re enrolled in the program. That does not mean you need to enter Facebook to claim the Strumming Foundations course - that’s not written anywhere.

To claim Strumming Foundations,

  • You need to have enrolled in the program (and received the email you received)
  • Have an active subscription to the app.

Entering the Facebook group is optional, and no one is obliged to do. However, we advertised since the beginning that the Support from Justin and the team in this program would be via Facebook.

I hope this clarifies, but please contact if you need further assistance.





Hi @Richard_close2u ,

It appears that some of this information is quite misleading or can be misconstrued as I did in parts.

Making this thread meaningless , Could you therefore please…

Remove the entire thread as obsolete.
That would be appreciated.

Thanks @larynejg and Richard. :slight_smile: