Classical Challenge no 3, Can Can, Jacques Offenbach

Classical challenge no 3

The challenge continues, this month it is Jaques Offenbach’s “Can Can”. This time I followed to the letter the classical pattern of “mi” alternate fingerpicking. It was quite challenging for the picking hand not to hit accidentally unwanted strings (few mistakes there). Piece came out also slower then planned.

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Excellent playing, great tone!

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The Etude in C Major is very beautiful. You really play it nice!. :+1: :sunglasses:

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Hello Radek,
it’s so interesting to follow your classical challenge.
Very well played. Absolutely recognizable.
Impressive :star_struck: .
Keep on the great work.

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Good job, great production as well

Try to slow down your Can Can so you can (can) match speeds and keep the speed even in the whole song. then gradually build up. Otherwise you will keep maintaining a flux in speeds in that song as you progress and that is…not so desirable


Nicely played and great fingerpicking as usual Radek.
Always interested to check out the newest post of your classical challenge to see if I have heard it or not. Surprisingly I had actually heard ‘Can Can’ before… (probably in old movies or cartoons haha)

One little thing I noticed in this piece was that I think the second set of quick notes D,E,B,C,A* (eg. 0:03-0:05, 0:14-0:16, etc) is supposed to keep up with the tempo that you used for the first and third set of quick notes in each phrase. I think that’s what Lieven might have been referring to in his comment above.
*Not sure if the notes I wrote down are accurate or not, I just plucked the main notes by ear and it kind of sounded like those. :

But nevertheless, this classical piece was very recognisable with a really enjoyable performance. Keep them coming!

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Thank you kindly Rene :slight_smile:.

Thanks Kim, glad you liked it :slight_smile:.

Thank you Nicole for following this little journey, it is motivating to know that you are following it.

Thank you for stepping in Lieven, I’m always keen to hear your constructive comments. I agree, I need better methodology and more patience while approaching this short pieces. The general consistency and flow is suffering in this one and I would honestly rate myself as 3/5 in terms of accuracy. Speed fluctuates due to not so well established alternate finger picking technique. Perhaps I should be less strict about it, I’m not aiming to be a classical guitarist. And definitely listen more to the original while practicing. On the other hand it is a statemen how far I can take it in one month practicing 10 min a day. Once this challenge is over I could need some retro to iron out what was not working.

Thank you Sandro, I’m glad you are following this up. I guess most of us can associate Can Can with some old western movies :slight_smile: . I’m following certain list where this is marked as essential but in April I hope to bend the rules a bit and come up with contemporary opera piece. I agree that the speed and consistency is off, I should have listened more of the original whenever I had doubts practicing.


Frankly said, I don’t have any expertise to make a comment about playing classical music on guitar, so I can’t provide any useful hints. But, from the position of a interested listener, it sounded very good. Cleanly played and your technique seems to develop really good. I liked the Etude in C Major and the Ode to Joy more than the Can Can, but that’s individual preference. Enjoyed it!

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You can can do it Radek. Some lovely playing on that one. Your classical collection is getting some excellent stuff in there.

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Besides, the other 2 are quite consistent rhythm wise so you have proof you can maintain a good flow as soon as you’ve got it in your fingers. :smiley: good job!

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Hi Radek,
As I say in your ll also here :sunglasses: :clap:, and that with that short time of practice :sunglasses: :clap:
Now I do really want(start) to play guitar a bit structured today :grimacing:

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That sounds lovely! I really like the way the notes ring out.

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Great job ! love it !

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Sounded really good Radek, some out of the ordinary timing here and there but hey it gave the different feeling to an old time classic so thanks for sharing!

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Thank you Helen. My sentiments are almost the same, some music resonates within the person and some less so.

Thanks Levien. Some pieces that are play are decent straight away, some require more time and some never are. I assume that it comes with experience, to jump into something and deliver it right in some considerable time.

Thank you Stefan. The list is growing and I would consider myself as lucky if eventually it ends up as 12 pieces :slight_smile: .

Thanks Roger. I like my practice sessions to be structured, I have 10 min window to practice whatever is going to be recorded next and I keep it so until it does. I have songs on my playlist I never recorder and practiced it for almost two years. Challenge pieces are different, when time runs out and it is already last weekend of the month it needs to be recorded.

Thank you Marie. Glad you liked it! Yes, the sound, it keeps us motivated to play. Glad you find your dream guitar :slight_smile: .

Thank you Luc!

Thanks Adi. Yes, not exactly right and not totally wrong :sweat_smile:.


:heart_eyes: Can Can is in my Favourites list :heart_eyes: Great job on your mi. It sounds overall lovely to my ear, as you progress I’m sure you’ll be able to iron out the timing imperfections, especially if you can detect what the cause is in those passages. I was wondering why you’re not using pinky to fret the notes, especially as the piece is quite fast ?

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Thank you Silvia :slight_smile: . As for your question, I was a pattern where each of the following fingers is associated with each of the following frets. I admit that using pinky would improve the efficiency.

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That’s what I thought, but I’m no expert. Also in my classical studies the rule is that pinky goes on the third fret, that’s why I asked.

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Thanks for the comment, I don’t know why I did stuck in this routine. I’m addressing this problem in my next piece :slight_smile: .