Classical Guitar Question

It’s been a while all, been dealing with my wife’s cancer which from last year has moved up to stage 4. I wanted to thank Justin and his team for helping get the app working for me back again to bring joy to her. I have been doing well with learning and she said I am getting much better but recently, I have been thinking about classical Guitars. I played Cello through my younger years and the love of classical music had me thinking. Since it’s been a couple of years would switching now to classical be a good thing, and can I convert my normal steel string acoustic guitar into a classical somehow? Currently, I have a Jasmine s35 and to save money wanted to see if going to nylon string. What are some of your thoughts and concerns about doing this? I am limited on money so any suggestions would be wonderful.

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Sorry to hear about your wife that must be tough.

As it happens there are many downsides to putting nylon strings on a steel string guitar. Plus you wont end up with the wide and flat fretbaord either

Perhaps give a set of these a go?

Yes that was my thought on that as well about the neck. Plus i know 14 freets on normal and 12 on classical to base.

Neck tension, tuners, nut, probably intonation issues etc. Even if sorted I dont think you would get the classical guitar feel

I’ll just save up for one and get it when I can. I can still use what I have but figured to get the feeling and learning aspect… thanks for the info.

My thoughts to you and your wife.

The low tension of nylon strings won’t move the soundboard well enough to sound good at all. It would also need a new custom cut nut, a new saddle and may not intonate well.

Better to get an inexpensive used classical guitar. What part of the world are you in? That may affect resources.

I love my classical guitars. A sweet sound, and different approach. I also like the wide flat neck. They are fun for finger style playing as well.

Here is a well regarded and mostly free classical teaching site.

I will look into a guitar… i live in Richmond, VA USA the courses seem good as well.

Here you go:

Richmond, VA Craigslist.

These are $150-$170 new, so you may be able to talk them down. Reliable beginner classical guitar. Very good for what it is.

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I have recently been “shopping” online for a classical and reading lots of reviews and the consensus seems to be that this guitar cannot be beaten as an introduction to the world of classical guitars. I found a great “bundle” deal (guitar, bag, stand, and strings) for just under €150,00. I’m in Europe, so not applicable to RIchmond, VA area sadly. Anyway, a second hand C40 in good nick looks to be a great recommendation in this case. . .

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I will check it out this weekend and see what I can do. Thanks all for the replies.


I agree with what has been said about the YAMAHA C4, it’s a good guitar for beginners, I learnt with that model and only recently treated myself with a new guitar, and I still play it because I find it sounds really sweet.

Nice! … I hope to get something by the next couple of months. For now, I am just using my normal guitar.