Classical music course

A classical music course would be useful. I think knowledge and skills learned from classical music can improve the way someone plays guitar.

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Thanks for the suggestion, Alex.

Justin is focused on different genres and styles, and not in position to cover all guitar possibilities. In the past some followers have added either self-study through other channels or an in-person teacher to further learning of classical guitar/music.

I forget the specific online channels and books people have used. I suggest post a general question if you’d like some further suggestions and recommendations.


I see some ideas from classical training in how Justin presents his lessons. The influence is there, but my impression is that he has designed a course based in his interests in guitar blasting, and what the majority of learning players want. Rock/pop, blues, even some jazz.

The only obvious classical reference I have seen yet from JustinGuitar is his “playing like the falling leaves” lesson, or whatever it was called.

There are lots of online classical resources if you want to add some in. Some are paid, some not. I paid for a classical course, but lately with some limitations on practice/play time, I keep gravitating to my steel string. It is all good!

This site is one I have not used much, but is well regarded and has a lot of free content. You could approach it as with JustinGuitar and donate as you see fit.


Hello Alex, if you want to play Classical Music on the Guitar then you need a Classical Guitar
Course. Of course you can have a try with tabs and no specific technique, develop some skills and understand a lot of things along the process, I did it myself and would re do it as there’s a value in the practicing.
But the most goodness…

(I do agree with you on this)

…all those come from a structured and consistent work on anything classical guitar requires, from Standard Music Notation to Technique through Musicality.

I think that designing a whole Classical Guitar Course is a very commiting task, even for Justin, who I’m pretty sure wouldn’t do a Classical Music Course, but would rather put his effort on accuracy and effectiveness to help his students build solid fundamentals to play Classical Music and understanding…that’s a big task!

I find the site @Jamolay mentioned a very good one, I’m working on the Method Book 1 (you can download it for free from the site or buy an hard copy). It really starts from scratch and I’m very happy with it.

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