Cliff Richard - Devil Woman (cover)

Hello, guitar people!
Let me introduce my fresh cover of this famous song.
When I was a schoolboy (ages ago), Cliff Richard was the first Western star I saw live on stage! Needless to say, I was amazed and happy. And this hit was certainly played on that show.
Then I couldn’t imagine that one day I would be able to play and sing something similar :laughing:
I tried to treat the original as carefully as possible, I only lowered the key a little. Hope you enjoy it :yum:
Merry Christmas, friends!
Listen to Cliff Richard - Devil Woman (cover) by crocodile1 on #SoundCloud


Sounding great Leo !

What a super cover and suits your vocals far better than Mr Clean !
Is that Mike on guitar ? Great production that needs to put on a play loop me thinks !

Hope all is well with you sir ! Wishing you a peaceful Christmas and a change of tidings in the New Year. Stay safe my friend !


Thank you, Toby! I don’t think you need to listen to this more than twice in a row :crazy_face:
The guitar in the original is too simple to ask Mike to help with it, so that’s my own job :slightly_smiling_face: Besides, I would definitely mention his participation in the project if that were the case.
Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!

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And a superb job too. I was sure you’d not leave Mike out if he was onboard but had to ask !

Hi Leo,
Good to see you out and about in the playbox…! Nice job on this, the bass stuck out to me at the start, as it had a nice thump to it. I could mention all the instruments and vox as being well done, but it is simpler to say they all were just that. Good song for you and a good fit.

Be well in 24 and may your holidays be joyous!

Hi Leo,
I have vague memories of this song a long long time ago, but I can hardly imagine that I like C Richard’s better… maybe maybe if Richard C try this :smile:

So very nice start of the day :sunglasses: :clap: :clap: :clap:


Well done, sir! Very tasty multi-track exploration, with excellent guitar fills and lead play. Really nice share.

Very enjoyable, Leo. Your instrumental and singing abilities are excellent. I especially loved your little vocal expressions in two or three parts of the song. Great song. I remember it from days gone by.

@LBro , @roger_holland , @CT,
thanks guys for your comments!
I’m very glad to read this :smile:
Merry Christmas!

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Pamela, thank you! It’s great to read the comments of a person who notices such nuances.
Yes, I had a task to sing like Cliff, in a soft, gentle voice, what I rarely do.
But in several parts, more energetic notes accidentally broke through :crazy_face:
And I decided to leave it that way.
Merry Christmas!

This was a fun listen Leo! Thank you for posting it on here!

I was into this song back in my school days and your intrepretation is fabulous, Leo. Performance and production is top drawer as always.

thanks a lot.
hope it has lifted your holiday mood :slightly_smiling_face:

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@DavidP ,
Thank you, David!
Great you took the time to listen to :grinning:

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Bump! :laughing:
Good morning Leo
I caught this the other week but was too distracted to comment :roll_eyes:
Whilst I respect the man’s persistence (and talent), I’m afraid the ‘Cliffster’ does little for my musical taste buds…
It goes without saying, I prefer your version.
If you really want to redeem yourself, what about an itsy-bitsy-teenie-weenie-heavy-metal-black-bikini for an old friend? :rofl:
Have a great 2024


Hello Brian!
Well, I don’t even know how to rehabilitate myself now :grinning:
Therefore, I ask you to specify your proposal about a little black bikini :yum:

Hello Leo! I haven’t heard the original, but I really liked your cover!
Great vocals and guitar work!

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Thanks, Mike, great to hear from you.