Coated or Plain Acoustic Strings? D'Addario XT, XS and Phosphor Bronze!

You’re optimistic :joy:

If I can sing a melody then it’s likely I can find it on the fretboard, but it still takes a lot of time actually…nevertheless it’s very fulfilling and it’s absolutely worth it! :notes::notes::notes:

The transcribing…oh no…I tried and did wrong and found it so difficult :see_no_evil:…and gave it up soon as there are loads of things that are more motivating for me! I suspect my classical guitar studies are very slowly making me improve with my ear…I’m not actually able to say how yet, I just feel it :blush::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

Well I did…but :shushing_face::shushing_face::shushing_face: I won’t tell for how long because it’s quite embarrassing :roll_eyes::joy::joy:


When I visited this large music store in Vienna last Friday, I tried out a lot of different guitars. And, of course, they also had different strings on. Previously, I wanted to buy uncoated strings for my acoustic. But as I’ve been using coated ones for the last 6 months, going back to uncoated strings was frustrating. When changing chords, my fingers were a bit slowlier than on coated strings. I guess, there is bit more ‘frictional restriction’ when the strings are not that smooth :thinking: . So in the end, I happily left the shop with - once again - coated strings :sweat_smile: . (d’Addario XS Phosphor Bronze Gauge 11 when I remember it right…)


Oh, I couldn’t stand the XS any longer, so I put Elixir Phosphor Bronze back on my acoustic and they are SOOO much better! Warmer & nicer overtones. Elixir, it’s good to have you back, baby.


@jkahn I once tried Elixir Phosphor Bronze and was impressed, because they gave really bright and crystal clear sound in the heights (overtones?). But this effect didn’t last very long. Very soon, they sounded just “good”, not “outstanding”. I change in avergage every two months. But they lost a lot of their brightness very early. What’s your experience?

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@Helen0609 After around two months I change them, they’re not “dead” then but definitely not as good sounding. So similar experience.


Well I have had my Elixir Phosphor bronze strings on since early March and they are still sounding pretty good to me. Although you can see they are a little worn, sound wise I don’t think they need changing yet.


lol, Did I miss the results of this or not happened yet.


I always used Ernie Ball Earthwood strings on my acoustic and I used to really like them. But the last couple of sets I have put on just don’t seem to last as long before they start to fade. So I’ve just bitten the cost bullet and put on a set of Elixir PB 11- 52’s and am liking them so far. I’ll try to remember to update how long they have lasted when I feel the need to change them based on playing and general noodling about for about an hour or so a day.

I could never understand why people think Elixer are expensive.
Ernie Ball Earthwood strings cost about $9,50 here in Canada and last me about 2 to 3 weeks
Elixir cost about $25.00 here in Canada and last me 3 to 5 months
About the same length of time a 4 or more sets of Ernie Balls so roughly half the price.

Keep us posted they should last you at least 3 months or more.

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I think from my perspective it’s going from £8 for a set, to £20 for a set with nothing but product marketing hyperbole to back up their claims. If they do indeed prove to last 2 - 3 times as long (as they claim) then I agree, £20 is not very expensive at all.

FIW I get about 5-6 months from my Elixir Nanowebs, which I now have on all bar two of my electrics and they will be replaced by Nano’s at the next change. I do rotate through my stable and am likely to play a lot less than Rick but they certainly last longer than say D’Addario XL 120s that I have on my Washburn’s.


For my electric I’m usually using XTs, but this time around I used XS. Interested to see how long they are gonna last, I think XTs are brighter for a longer period of time than XS, but with all the FX applied it doesn’t really matter as much as for the acoustic :wink:

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New to guitar; played violin for some time though. Just always used highest quality Daddario violin strings. I perceived new strings as having a “tonal ring” quality that was great, but lasted maybe 10 days. Nothing wrong with the strings afterwards, but not as nice. Not going to change strings every week. This is true for all violin strings.

Side by side testing has limitations whether it’s strings, speaker systems, etc. Typically, what’s loudest is going to be perceived as sounding the “best”. Factor in what an individual is accustomed to or has personal preferences for and test results become murky and not easily generalized. At this point with learning guitar, my choices for the acoustic are completely based on physical playability. What is most comfortable and what allows me to practice for extended periods of time. With the electric, a few pressed buttons and any tone you can imagine is available.

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Can you find out just by playing what kind of strings on guitar ? ? :guitar::thinking::smiley:

I am luckily one of the winners of the giveaway. Recently, I have switched again to Elixirs because my hands sweat a lot and my uncoated Ernie Ball strings always lose their charm after a few weeks, though they feel awesome at first one or two weeks. I have been happy with the Elixirs so far but I am excited to try out this XS series because these are also coated and Justin mentions that they feel like uncoated ones.

Anyways, if you are reading this, thanks Justin :smiling_face: Finding a package from Justin Guitar in my post box made me really happy.