Coated string?

I just replaced the strings on my acoustic and realized that was my last set of strings. I think they were D’darrio light guage. Its only been a week or two and already the b and high e string are starting to show some corrosion. To be fair, my house is not well insulated and has been hot and damp outside. I am sure that is part of the issue.

So the question here is, are coated stings better? Are there other strings that repel corrosion more than others?

I like the light guage and have been using the D’darrio string for a while now, both acoustic and electronic. But I am open if there is a better option that stays cleaner soudning for longer.

Thanks for your input.
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Hi Shawn!

Having tried lots of different strings…

Elixir nanoweb 11/52 are my current favorites (subject to change any time):grin:!!!

These are my acoustic faves!!!


I use Elixir 80/20 nanoweb as well. D’Addario also makes coated strings. I play a lot and the coated strings last me10 times as long as uncoated string so the are worth the extra money.

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I have a mix of Nano and D’Addario XLs, the Elixir last longer as Rick says. As my gtr strings need changing I will move them all to Nanoweb. Some folks don’t like the feel but its never been an issue for me. So your mileage may vary!


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I’ll add to the chorus of Elixir users. Also like clear tones slightly better but they are hard to find. Have tried a set of Martin coated strings and didn’t like them at all,

I recently moved to D’Addario XS Lights on my acoustic, and could not love them more. I had been using Martin Lifespan 2.0 prior to this (also nice strings), and D’Addario uncoated E16s on my previous acoustic guitar. I highly recommend giving the XS a go.

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I use D’addario XS coated strings and love them. They also last a lot longer than uncoated. More expensive but worth the extra money IMO.


Thanks all. I did not consider the D’Addario coated strings. I just really thought it would be between D’addario uncoated and Elixir. I did a lot of reading and Youtube showing comparison (including Justin’s comparison) and decided I will give those XS a try on my next change.

Thank you for the help all!

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