Cocaine by Eric Clapton (JJ Cale) Lesson

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Lesson text says it’s in the beginners song app. I can’t find it. Please update app or the lesson text, or point me in the right direction please. Thanks

Agreed - the song is not in the App.

Still not in the app on 16 March 2022.

A tab of the lick would be helpful for beginners.

Could someone confirm what effects is Justin using in the video as would like to replicate if possible?

Hi, not an expert on effects, but to me it sounds like overdrive plus reverb, i.e. nothing too fancy.

In this era he (EC) would most likely been playing through a Marshall JTM 50/100 or a Fender Tweed, either way he would be playing bridge pickup and tone full with the volume adjusted to suit the tone. The Amp would be set up probably with all of the knobs on 12 O’clock apart from the master volume plus a bit of reverb; a lot would depend upon which guitar he was playing. If I knew what your guitar and amp was I could possibly give a more accurate idea.

Thanks. Not sure what either of them are (or do) to be honest, although they do appear to be on my amp. Will have to check them out.

Its a Yamaha Pacifica 112V with a Cube 20GX amp.

Your in luck Stuart. Justin just put out this video. How to Use Reverb on Guitar - YouTube

And you should probably watch this also:

Thanks for that. I’ve watched some of that but not all yet!

Does not appear when searched in full paid up app, Feb 2023

@GuitarSurfer @timjthomas @mar2112 @Goslings

I have just edited the website to remove that old reference. It must be that Cocaine was one of the songs removed (there is a community discussion on songs that were taken out and songs that were brought in and the reasons why).
The Learn more info must have been a legacy piece from when that lesson page was first created. I have alerted the team in case there are more song lesson pages with out-of-date links to the app.

Is it best to fret the 3th and 4th string with pink and ringfinger? I find it rather difficult on the higher frets on my SGJ. I prefer to barre-fret both strings with with my ringfinger, the fretting is more accurate that way. I find myself fretting on top of a fret rather then on the fretboard when using 2 fingers, it feels like the space between frets is a bit narrow. On the lower frets - say 2 to 7 it is ok, from the 8th on however, it feels like a lack of distance between frets for putting 2 fingers at the same position. Any opinions or advice about this?

i have to set the transpose setting to -3 to get the tab to show the same chords as justin is talking about, at least I think i do, based on the chords listed in the grade 2 lesson power chords for this song. is there something up with the tab system? It often seems out of sorts like this. might it be my setup? i’m on OSX, latest firefox if that helps.

Have come back to this as part of power chord revision. Assume that you could also use A-shape Major barre chords instead of the power chords?