Cocaine by Eric Clapton (JJ Cale) Lesson

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Lesson text says it’s in the beginners song app. I can’t find it. Please update app or the lesson text, or point me in the right direction please. Thanks

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Agreed - the song is not in the App.

Still not in the app on 16 March 2022.

A tab of the lick would be helpful for beginners.

What effects is Justin using in the video?

Could someone confirm what effects is Justin using in the video as would like to replicate if possible?

Hi, not an expert on effects, but to me it sounds like overdrive plus reverb, i.e. nothing too fancy.

In this era he (EC) would most likely been playing through a Marshall JTM 50/100 or a Fender Tweed, either way he would be playing bridge pickup and tone full with the volume adjusted to suit the tone. The Amp would be set up probably with all of the knobs on 12 O’clock apart from the master volume plus a bit of reverb; a lot would depend upon which guitar he was playing. If I knew what your guitar and amp was I could possibly give a more accurate idea.

Thanks. Not sure what either of them are (or do) to be honest, although they do appear to be on my amp. Will have to check them out.

Its a Yamaha Pacifica 112V with a Cube 20GX amp.

Your in luck Stuart. Justin just put out this video.

And you should probably watch this also:

Thanks for that. I’ve watched some of that but not all yet!