Cole Clark guitars - factory tour

Today I had the pleasure of doing the tour of the Cole Clark factory in Melbourne. If you are in the area, it’s SO very worth it.

Miles, the CEO of Cole Clark ran the tour and what a great tour guide he is. You can tell he loves his job and the guitars they produce. I learned heaps about Cole Clarks that I never knew.

From the street it’s a very modest looking building, inside, it’s a hive of activity and great sounds and smells. Do it! You won’t be disappointed!!!


Cole Clark guitars are beautiful. I played a few at a music shop though, and couldn’t find one that gave me the sound I was after - ended up with a Maton.

There was one acoustic though, it also had a humbucker on it so you could play through two amps at the same time, with a distorted electric tone and acoustic tone. Pretty awesome idea.

Would be great to see a guitar factory at some stage.

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@jkahn I have a custom built guitar that has both an electric pickup (lipstick) and a traditional piezo pickup. To use the electric pickup I have to fit nickel strings and it has two separate circuits so when the Cole Clark tour came around to the exact guitar with the humbucker you mentioned, I paid extra attention. With mine the expectation is one would use one circuit or the other.

What they’ve done is a fair bit different to mine. (Mine is just two separate circuits). Theirs uses patent pending technology to allow their humbucker to be used with normal acoustic / bronze strings and have both circuits feeding into an amp at the same time. Or two different amps.