Collapsing Pinky

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I was trying to play Blink-182’s Miss You but i just can’t keep my pinky straight at all.
Here’s a few pics (sorry for the horrible quality):
Top View
Front View
Front View
Back View
Side View
Any ideas on how to fix it?

Hi there,

Do you usually use your pinky in grips like in the “top view”. I think that in that case, you would be better off using your ring finger instead of your pinky. Try placing one finger at each fret so that your fretting hand covers 4 frets.

Also, there are some lessons that may help you with finger dexterity in general:

Beginner Finger Stretches
Pinky Workout

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I think that is pretty normal. You won’t have a nice perpendicular pinky like Justin for a couple of decades at least.

Try to place your thumb opposite the middle (driving, as Justin calls it) finger. That will help. You may also sometimes need to angle your hand t reach further.

Then start working on Justin’s pinky exercises and the spider.


Just saw this photo. Check out Ronnie’s fretting hand (I wonder what sort of chord that is):

Like others have said, this is pretty normal and it takes time to stretch your hands. Small daily exercises for months. Progress seems slow until you eventually realise what has been done.

What grade are you in? Different exercises are introduced in different grades. (Yes I’m reposting some of Jozsef’s links).

Also, basically ALL the riffs Justin introduces throughout the grades add something new in relation to finger flexibility.

Grade 1:

Grade 2:

Grade 3:

Thanks for the link to that “pinky workout.” I don’t have problems with it “collapsing,” but I do have trouble being quickly accurate with it when changing to some chords that use it, like an open C7 or a Cadd9. I’m going to make this drill part of my daily warmups for a while and see what happens.

I’m currently at Grade 1 module 3, i will take a look at those links

Thanks for the links. I’m actually supposed to use the fourth finger here.
1 finger at each fret

Being module 3, don’t worry too much specifically about this. Just work through the grades and practice. You’ll build the hand flexibility in time.

Interesting you’re doing rocksmith, I also started out with rocksmith and it was fun but I found it easier to learn without it so I hardly ever use it now.

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From the video, it seems to me that fingers 2 and 4 are two frets apart at that section. But anyway, as you’re at the beginning of the course, your technique will improve vastly with time.

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