Collide by Howie Day (Cover by Doc Dan the Guitar Man)

my cover of a sweet, hopeful song written by howie day


Just one observation to make, I think that you’re struggling to hit the higher notes, it might pay to drop your Capo down a fret or two until you don’t sound strained. If you are straining long term if you carry on you will damage your vocal chords so it’s a must to correct this.
Apart from that, a great all round performance, you’ll get it better still by taking note of the advice.

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Good job

and thanks for the listen
be well

yep, you were right
a full step down was easier
thanks much

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Great, I thought it would!
It’s always best to be observant about performances but not to the point of knocking yourself back. Sometimes a fresh mind makes the difference. I’m no vocal coach but I do watch a very good one who also does Music reactions and demonstrates the techniques used in them. It’s The Fairy Voice Mother on YouTube, it’s worth a watch, even for the entertainment value alone!

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Not bad! Pretty song

Well done!

+1 on finding a better key that suits your vocal range a little better. Just because the tutorials out there say capo 4 doesn’t mean you have to as well. I would also suggest slowing it down just a tad to let those lush chords ring out.

You keep covering great songs! I’ve been playing this song for years, it’s a better song than Wonderwall which has the same chords. RIP Wonderwall!!

You are well on your way sir, and you have picked up a subscriber. :slight_smile:

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Tx for listening

Excellent job on the singing!! Well done there brother!!! Made it through from start to finish. Certainly need to slow er down a tad. But anxiety and pressure can do that to a person! I know too well!!

Only thing that really sticks out to me is your rhythm falls off fairly consistently and I’m sure it’s because you aren’t keeping that hand moving consistently, there is a lil jerk action happening throwing you off. Not singing, seems way better. Just an observation, playing with another person would be difficult to keep in beat. I am massively big on rhythm and only a few songs I can kinda sing and keep rhythm at the same.time. But playing the Rhythm and a group or someone else singing? A dozen at least!

Well on your way!!! For sure. Keep up the excellent work! :muscle:

Rock on!

I thought this was very well done. I do agree with Darrell that you are stretching a bit on the higher notes, some thing I regularly struggle with too. I’m always changing keys on songs! :blush:

You seem very comfortable with both your strumming hand in your fretting hand and it shows in the guitar tone. Well done.

A very nice rendition, Dan :clap::+1:. I really like it :blush:.

Well played Danny … :ok_hand:
Suggestions already made above on Capo placement worth a try perhaps ?
Nonetheless, I enjoyed your performance … :clap:

Thank you

I added her to my YouTube subs

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Tx for listening

You’re right
Good observation

Thanks for the attention to detail and sound critique

Thank you Nicole

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Very enjoyable, Dan. I went back and looked at some of your other videos. All really good. You are quite a prolific & impressive songwriter and your covers are great too. It was nice to listen to some of them.