Colosseum II: Lament (cover); Springwater: I Will Return

This was an attempt at playing the tune “Lament” by Colosseum II, whose lead guitar was played by Mr Gary Moore. This cover is based on my loose transcription of one of their live versions of the tune, greatly simplified of course!

The usual array of virtual instruments. Programming John Hisemann’s drum fills was a nightmare, and the timing is far from perfect. I just bought a bass - I’ve never played one before so this is a bit beginner-y, but I’m reasonably happy with the result.

Sorry for the lousy video editing.


Your solos always sound so natural Phil, great work


Nice. What do you mean poor video editing? Lol sounds great. Especially the section before the ending really uplifting riff

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This must have been a really fun project, Phil. :slight_smile: Keyboards, bass guitar, el. guitar layers, adding drums, transcribing…
So many things going on here, but it was all well put together into a lovely sounding piece.
I thought your playing was excellent, very accurate and clean. Hard to fault anything.
Nothing wrong with your video editing. it is not fancy but not distracting as well. The highlight is on music as it should be.

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Sounds fabulous, Phil. Well played, great tones, and overall mix sounded good

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Wow, that was very well done, Phil! Kudos on putting all layers together yourself - including transcribing! :exploding_head: What a wholesome project all in all - and put together in a great way. :clap:

Bass sounded good by the way - I wouldn’t have guessed you just started out.

Guitar playing - especially lead lines - and tone was awesome! Great production. :slight_smile:

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Another great production Phil. Very enjoyable. Great tone, some great runs, and a touch of class.
Plus, I always come away with at least an idea or 2 from your playing.

Cheers, Shane

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Well Phil,
:scream: :boom: :dizzy: :boom:
Amazing !!!

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Phil, this is incredible! And the editing is great by the way. :clap::clap:

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@liaty @ontime1969 @Boris1565 @DavidP @Lisa_S @sclay @roger_holland @TheCluelessLuthier
Thank you all for the kind comments - much appreciated!
It was a bit of an obscure tune, but I’ve been kind of attached to it ever since I bought the album back in the 70s. They did a fair bit of jazzy/fusion-y stuff. Gary Moore on guitar and Don Airey on keys - quite a lot of talent there.


Hi Phil!
Congratulations on the excellent performance :clap:
You’ve got a full-fledged gorgeous mix! Despite the fact that this is difficult music in terms of fretboard work :slightly_smiling_face:
And congratulations on the new bass! A great choice, I also have a Fender Jazz Bass.

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Here’s a cover of an ancient (1971) instrumental I loved when I was a kid!



Brilliant! Super melody and combination of slide and lead guitar is very good. Seemd like some magical hybrid of Focus and Wishbone Ash. Well played!


I enjoyed it Phil, really interesting combination of the two guitars!

@beejay56 @Boris1565

Thanks very much folks! It’s a bit of a left field tune that only people of a certain age may vaguely remember :rofl:

Talking of Focus Brian, I’m thinking of doing some excerpts from Focus’ Hamburger Concerto, but it’s a long term project!

Phil…this is very enjoyable to listen to…the production would be a real nightmare to me too with all the layers, but you made it sound really good and the result is just great!