Combining audio and video when an iPad is used for (at least) the video

Does anyone use their iPad to capture video yet use another facility for the audio?

Maybe my question is better articulated if I state what I want to do? I’d like to use my iPad to capture video yet bypass the iPad mic for the audio portion.

What I’m thinking is I can perhaps use a usb mic for the audio along with using GarageBand on the iPad. If this makes sense I don’t know how to accomplish this. How do I ultimately sync the now created video with the audio which would be in two independent files.

Or, can the iPad video somehow be dynamically synced with GarageBand?

I’m thinking there is probably an easy way to do the but I’m just very green at this. Up to now I have used Audacity for my audio recordings. I’ve attempted my laptop for video but the quality is terrible.

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The typical approach is to record the video as normal (with the iPad audio) as well as recording the audio in something like Garageband. As you say, the issue is then with syncing them.

The way to do this is to create a sync point at the start of the recording. In film and TV this is what the clapperboard is used for. A common approach others use is to clap 2 or 3 times loudly. This will create a “spike” in the audio track which can be used to visually align the separately recorded audio track with the the audio track on the video.

You will need a video editor to do this. I think on the Mac you can use iMovie for this. I’m not an iMovie user so I can only explain how it works for most other video editors:

You import the iPad video and also the separately recorded audio which should appear as a separate audio track. You can then align the separately recorded audio track with the original by visually lining up the spikes in the waveform. You can zoom into the waveform to make this accurate. A useful step is also to watch the video. If you captured the video of you clapping, this can also be used to align the audio.

You should then be able to mute or delete the original audio track before exporting the video with the new audio.

With practice, you should be able to do all of this within a minute or so.



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This doesn’t answer your question but if you have an iPad, I’m going to assume you also have an iPhone. In general you’d be much better off capturing your video on the iPhone as I’m fairly sure that unless the iPhone is much older, then it will have a better camera than the iPad. It would also be easier to attach to a tripod or similar mount.

One thing you can do is to record your iPhone/iPad video with sound and then in the Photos app, click edit and turn off the sound by tapping on the speaker symbol. If you then export the video there will be no sound. That said if you want to adopt the clapping approach as suggested by @Majik above then this wouldn’t be a useful thing to do

I do, I have one of these - they’re obsolete now but you can usually find them Used and often in very good condition.

I use my iPhone to capture the video mounted on a tripod, it’s much easier to sync the audio and video that way.

If you look at a lot of video editors now e.g Davinci Resolve, they will auto sync different audio sources so you can import a video ( with its audio) then import a separate audio source, auto sync and then mute the audio stream attached to the video. All done! Here’s one I did a couple of weeks ago using Davinci on my iPad. Two video sources (GoPro and IPhone) plus separate audio from Zoom H2N. Very easy to do

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