Combining pentatonic patterns

Im sure there are a ton of vids out there to answer this but my initial search came up empty, or confusing.

I just want to know how to combine the pentatonic patterns. Basically, how do i play, for example, a minor pattern 1 and transition/connect right into pattern 2? I saw somewhere you slide them together??? Or just pick any point in the scales to join them?

Sorry… im totally new and something hasnt clicked yet with this

Thank you in advance for any help

Welcome to the forum Jason.
Can you use pattern one to make music if not it won’t help your playing to add more notes. They’re all the same notes.

Do you know how to find root notes using octaves? If so you can play the first 5 notes of pattern 1 then slide up to the next octave and start the next pattern.

I never learned all the patterns – just how to link them on the pentatonic highway: Scale Diagrams A min Pentatonic - #19 by CT

Ill check this out when i put the rugrats to bed. Looks interesting!

Still trying to make sense of if it all. All the vids ive seen thus far say the minor pent scale is super important to learn but since im such a newb and no musical knowledge i dont even know what i dont know lol

Hey Jason,

Welcome to the forum mate.

Just wondering if you have you played around with pattern 1? Getting used to the sound, maybe some basic improvising over some BT? Basically, just getting really familiar with it.
If its your first time with scales, I’d spend a few weeks, at an absolute minimum, on the first pattern. This is the key - getting the scale internalised at the beginning, not just the pattern.
As you move onto pattern 2, everything will flow much easier as you’ve spent the time with scale, not just the pattern. You’ll see and hear the connections between patterns, and much more besides.
The other 4 specified patterns are the same notes. Plus, eventually, there are numerous other patterns across the neck including the pentatonic highways as @CT noted.

Cheers, Shane

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Thank you! I have played around a little bit. I do know you are 100% spot on, i need to spend a lot more time with it and it will start making sense. I know this might sound ridiculous but it seems like such a basic pattern that it feels like i need to connect it to another pattern and practice two or more together. Im not exactly sure how i would do that but maybe its because there are endless possibilities.

I can find root notes using octaves. Can you give me an example of where in pattern one you would end and slide up an octave? And where you would start the next?

The problem im quickly adjusting to is that ive recently retired where i spent 30 yrs in IT programming which isnt the most creative field lol. Music couldnt be any more different. My brain is stuck in black and white, 1s and 0s. Im just really hell bent on starting off with a good foundation so i want to learn correctly rather than just noodling around.

Thank you all for the amazing advice!!!

Hey Jason,
You may find that logical, analytical IT brain of yours coming in very handy. Music is in many ways a very mathematical, logical system.

Re learning another pentatonic pattern and experimenting with linking them up - go for it mate. There’s no hard and fast rules. It might work better for you.
I’d just reiterate its the scale you want to really internalise. The patterns/connections will all flow from this.

Cheers, Shane

There are only 5 notes in the minor pentatonic scales. The Root, flat 3, 4th, 5th and flat 7. Then the root again 1 octave higher. So if you start with that octave note and repeat the same pattern adjusting for the B string you will be into pattern 2.

But your jumping the gun watch this video about learning scales Justin specifically talks about the A minor pentatonic about 2 minutes in

This was helpful… thank you. I was well on my way to being one of those idiots who knew the scales but didn’t know what hell to do with them. Im just going to slow down and stop trying to get way too far ahead. Im sure it’ll start coming together.

Thank you all!!!

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Hi Jason,
And don’t post questions twice anymore, … if you have asked your question in the wrong section, the moderators will automatically move your topic to the right place, … and it will take a while you can ask for help in your own topic and then stand there are many people waiting for you to help you,…Thanks in advance, :smiley:
Greetings Rogier

Hi Jason,
On this site, type …“linking”…and good lessons will appear…for instance,

Good luck and have fun,…


Just to throw in a curveball here, I think there’s a lot to be said for the extended minor pentatonic scale. The alternating 2-3-2-3… pattern is easy to remember. I suspect a lot of guitar players never learn anything beyond this extended scale.

There is a lot to be said about the extended pentatonic scale but it boils down to if you can’t make music with the 5 notes of the scale playing it on 3 different spots on the neck won’t make you any better. You can also limit your playing by learning this pattern first.

Welcome to our world :slight_smile:

I’d say that as a beginner, you can leave scales alone for a while. Just start Grade 1 of the beginner course and focus on open chords to ease you in.

As for scales, when you get there, I’d suggest you to start with pattern 1 of the major scale. Literally, everything else is derived from the major scale, so if you understand its logic, you’ll have a much easier time with music theory, too.

All you guys are awesome! I’ve only been playing for a couple weeks. I’m making good progress on my chords and have been playing the major scale pattern 1 and the minor pentatonic pattern 1. I’m really just still working on strengthening and stretching fingers still and looking for fun and useful scales and patterns to play. Probably sounds idiotic to you guys but I’m not really interested in “making music”, I just want to get better at strumming, picking, my fretting etc. That extended pentatonic pattern someone suggested is actually fun! Maybe I’m corrupting myself by doing this - idk - but moving around the fret board with some sort of purpose like that really makes it waaay more fun.

Sorry for all the dumb questions. I’m just super stoked about learning to play and having a blast! I appreciate all the posts!

I thinks it’s a fun pattern too. I don’t think you’re corrupting youself as long as you understand that the extended pattern is made from pieces of three of the “regular” minor pentatonic patterns (see pic). So I would also learn those too. But don’t let that stop you having fun. This pattern also contains the “house of blues”, so called because it looks like an upside-down house. I’ve also seen this “house” referred to as the B.B. King box. It’s easy and fun to try making licks from this “house”.

The BB Box is the same shape but totally different intervals. This is why you should learn your interval and not just patterns. The BB Box contains no 3rd so it is neither Major or minor you bend to the 3 you want. The note are the 6th, Root, 2nd, 4th and 5th What you have circled is the Albert King box.
Most charts on the internet show the b3rd but they are wrong. BB bends to the b3 or the 3rd to make the scale major or minor.

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Haha… I also wrote “I just want to get better at strumming, picking, my fretting etc”

I should’ve explained better that eventually I’ll be making music. Right now I’m so new that I’m still enjoying simply focusing on the fundamentals. I tried playing a very simple song but I suck so bad it isnt working out so well lol