Combining videos to post to AVOYP

I have not posted anything on AVOYP yet, but just getting around to thinking about it and I have some queries on combining videos.

The videos will be recorded on iPhone or iPad, I will probably want edit them, cropping part of the start and end. Then combine them into one video to post them on YouTube (that’s a another hurdle but I have seen advice on that so not asking about that)

I am aware of iMovie, but never used it, I also have Windows PC but not a Mac.

Is the file format an issue with YouTube when using some software.

Is there any other software I should be thinking about or any other advice/suggestions on how to do it.

I’ve used animotica to edit video. There is a free version or a paid version. You can try the free version and decide if you want to upgrade later.


Thanks Philip that looks interesting.

Probably the easiest way is to do it on iMovie on your iPad or iPhone - easiest by far.

On PC there is a lot of software. From my research previously, Davinci Resolve is the most powerful “free” program (they have paid versions) but was complicated. I use Adobe Premiere Elements which costs some $$$ but is easier for newbies.

All of them do the common major formats.

If recording on iPhone and editing on PC with Adobe you might need to transcode your video to prevent audio getting out of sync with video… I ran into this.

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Thanks for your input, I think will give iMovie a try first

Hiya. I’ve just learned how to use iMovie in the last week. It took me an hour or so of head scratching and a couple of Google searches, but it certainly does the job.

I like that it’s on the iPad, seems pretty solid and when you output the video, you can upload pretty easily to YouTube without too much faffing around.

Just to add, I found using my finger in iMovie as opposed to the pencil seemed to work better for some reason!

Sounds like the way to go for a novice like me👍

Shout if you need any help - I’m no expert but happy to help :slight_smile:

I’m definitely no techie and I use iMovie, it’s pretty straightforward to use. It’s easy to crop start and end, add a 2nd video, add titles, etc. if I can use it stress free it’s a pretty manageable software lol :slightly_smiling_face:

In my case, I record videos from my computer webcam + iPad, and I record the sound of the guitar with my phone. Then I edit everything and sync the sound using the OpenSource program Shotcut. Works for Windows and Mac :slight_smile: .

Maybe isn’t the most intuitive interface, since I had to check a couple of tutorials myself. But once you know it, works like a charm.

This is the site:

If you decide to try it and have any questions let me know :slight_smile:

Not got any videos I want to use yet but will create some dummy ones and have a play around. Will give you a shout if I get stuck, thanks.

Sounds like another vote for iMovie

Will give what you suggest a look at, thanks

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I use Kdenlive. I’ve only ever used it on Linux but, apparently, it works on Windows and Mac too.



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Thanks Keith, Linux don’t have this but as you say might be a Windows version👍

I just posted my first video today. I recorded on my iPhone, cropped the start and end using my iPhone (just edited the vid using the iPhone options) then posted to YouTube.

The longest bit was the upload. No muss no fuss.

Hope this helps.

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Not looked at iPhone options but did it allow you to add one video to another, which is what I want to do.

Ahh nope. For that I have an app called Splice. Does it all very smoothly and you can create vids in various formats etc

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