Community to App Link?

My very first post.
I seem to be going around in circles. Maybe I always did!
Anyways I have the wonderful Justin guitar app. Beginners is me.
I just downloaded this forum and found the Dashboard wow.
How in gracious can I link all of this together? Every time I get out of the community I end up somewhere else totally lost.
Thank you.

Firstly welcome to the community, secondly what device are you accessing the community on?
As a general way you access the community from your Browser, look for JustinGuitar community and follow the link, when you get to the community login save it as a Bookmark or Favourite, then you just have to login by using the Bookmark or Favourite link.

Hi thank you

im not sure if the photos above work

i am able to get into dashboard with my iphone and not with my ipad

thats the first mystery

Second one is i hoped to link my app to the dashboard

thank you so much for helping.

Hi Sharon and welcome.

The dashboard and community are all integrated parts of Justin’s main website, where all his free tutorials and graded course are located. Unfortunately, as the app and website are written by different companies, there is not link or integration. It may happen in the future and is on Justin’s wish list but not any time soon. Also the app only covers Beginner Grades 1 and 2 and there is a whole host more content beyond that on the website.

Justin’s Lesson Map

All Lessons

These two can be found by clicking the Courses dropdown at the top of your dashboard.

As you can see the app is just an entry point.

Any questions feel free to ask.



Aha thank you Toby

i might switch from the paid app to the free courses now.

This community forum is fantastic

thank you so much

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I am not an app users but I would suggest not ditching it completely, keep using in the song element for applying your newly learnt skills and playing songs. These may be simplified versions to start with but you are laying a foundation. There is a mantra round these parts that goes “Learn Songs Learn Songs Learn Songs Learn Songs”.
Once you get the core skills under your fingers and in your head, you can soar to higher levels.



Thank you Toby i will do.

im using ukulele club books for playing songs. I have to do a muffled strum for the chords i dont know.

i need to do more exercises/ practice to get the notes clearer

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