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I have been messing around recording my practice trying to get better sound for my videos. Here’s compilation of some xmas songs I just started learning and some songs in my repertoire that I have been practicing for some time.

Comments always welcome. Video is 6 minutes with 6 songs. I’m having a lot of fun editing and making these videos. Thanks for watching if you take the time. Cheers



That was really good Jason. Nice steady and smooth strumming. Enjoyed the choice of songs a lot too. One point I would make is to trust your vocals more and just go for the singing. Great job though ! :sunglasses:

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Nice compilation, fyi Handle with Care had no sound.


Good job! Sounding like yoi are on the right track! Some pretty good single string picking and ringing. Strumming seems tp be coming around nicely. A lil clunky in areas. But practicing perfectly makes permanent. I keep that in mind all the time. The only thing i can see that may need some work. From what i here, it sounds like you are hitting all the strimgs almost all of the time. Some of those 6th and 5th string hits should be left out. Practice on PFC and OMC, i would suggest. Other than that, rock on brother! :+1: :v:

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Thanks for responses

Thanks. I uploaded correct file :crazy_face:.

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Some additional info: hopefully not too much

Video taken during repertoire practice (I’ve been recording during my practice to get more comfortable on camera didn’t plan on making video and sharing) I am having a lot of fun with the production and editing even though takes a while.

Heart of Gold’

    - I finally have a use for G harmonica I got 
       25  years ago. (And never used) 

Handle with Care’
-Focus on picking out individual strings while

‘Runaway Train’
-Focus on steady strumming.

**Wish you were here **
- focus picking and strumming. Goal is to
produce complete video with solos.

Xmas songs
Just started learning hopefully will be able to
Play by xmas.
I’m loving JG Christmas songbook and all the
xmas songs in the app.
Only singing to help keep place in song. Sorry
Mic picked it up

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Hey Jason, great to see you getting more and more involved in the community. Videos, learning log, etc.

I have a tip for you if you want to hear it. One thing that will really help your playing.

When you listen back, do you notice that your playing doesn’t quite sound like the original? It’s because of timing. Just timing. You’re hitting the chords, hitting the notes, but your playing drifts in and out of time with starts and stops.

It’s showing up in a couple of ways - sometimes you get out of time by speeding up or slowing down, other times your speed is ok but your changes are late (behind the beat).

I’d encourage you to develop your sense of timing. Start with tapping your feet to the beat continually until it’s automatic. Then play along with simple strumming songs that might seem beneath your level until you nail it. Play with a metronome or drum track.

Once you hear and feel the rhythm, it will click and elevate your playing a lot.


Well done on the video share and posting it up, Jason, a great way to get invaluable feedback and encouragement.

All I’ll add to what has already been said, is that I loved the harmonica on HoG (I too have a harmonica in G and haven’t used it)

A nice selection of songs there Jason and things are progressing nicely. Some great advice there from @jkahn about the timings and just an additional from me, try playing along with the original songs at some point as well. Also try moving your mic up a bit more so we can get more of your vocal on the tracks, your voice was very quiet.

Nice job on the video editing too.


Great feedback, As always. It is appreciated. Thanks


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Good stuff Jason, well done. Good advice already given by the others. I look forward to more from you in the future.