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Hello people!

I’m trying to track my lessons on the site and unless I’m missing something (please tell me if I am), I think there should be an easier way.

I hadn’t use the site for a while and I didn’t know if I have completed all the lessons from each module and sometimes there are new lessons added in an otherwise completed module (at least from what I can tell) so I was checking the modules one by one.

It would be easier if the completed lessons were shown by clicking on → Courses → Grade → Preview lessons (you can see all the lessons for all the modules in that particular grade).

Instead, when I press on preview lessons, I only see the lessons titles and not my own progress and I need to pick every module individually to track my progress.


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I agree it would be very handy to see it from a top-level view. Some way to see at a glance how much of each grade and module you have watched. Better would be a way to also indicate personal completion level.

You can see what you have done inside a specific module. There are two places it is shown

  1. go into the module and there are green check-marks on each one you have watched
  2. start watching any lesson in a module and there will be a list on the right side with the checkmarks per lesson watched as well as hearts for any you labeled “like”

Right now, I track my progress in a spreadsheet as a percentage of my satisfaction I have learned the topic. I can sort this in a pivot table to see at a glance where I need work. Each lesson has a generic theme, like theory, chords, technique, etc. It may be associated with more than one theme. This takes some time to set up, but once done, all I need to do is maintain my personal level of completion for each item.

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From your Dashboard, click on Journey. This shows both In Progress and Completed lessons.


Oh, cool, thanks! :upside_down_face:

The “something” I might have missed. Thanks mate!

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Welcome, @neophytosdm !

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