Completing your Profile

I thought it was about time I did this, most of what you need to put in is obvious however I am unsure what to fill in for Profile Header and User Card Background.

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It’s merely esthetic; if users click on your name; they show a card version of your profile. You can edit the background image of that card

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Micahel, as Lieven said largely aesthetics and what you want to share. I’ve chosen to share links to my YT channel and Learning Log plus images from my music Play Room.

It looks like this in the Profile Page

And this is what people see if they single-click on my avatar on a post:

Click again on the avatar in the pop-up takes you to my profile page:

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Thanks all that makes perfect sense, must say I didn’t realise about the second click on the avatar.
Isn’t modern technology wonderful (when it works).

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Back again

I tried to update my Avatar on the community page which gives you a link to the website and I changed it there. However although the website shows new avatar the community has not changed. I looked back to some old post when the new community was set up and there seemed to be an issue then but could not see how it was solved. I have logged in and out but that did not seem to make a difference. I did change it on a windows PC.

Any suggestions.

As if by magic it has just changed, did it come when you get the autobiographical badge?

Michael, I think it just takes some time for caches to be refreshed that integrate the website and the Community.

Glad all is sorted.

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