Condemned - Zach Bryan cover (with banjo & bass)

Hey there!

Hope everyone is doing alright.

Today I’m sharing another cover I did with my buddies, we tried to make this Zach Bryan song a bit more “us”, which often means faster and not always in time :rofl:

As always I appreciate all the tips you can give us, I apologize for the recording quality since we did a quick video with a smartphone.

We did it for fun most of all, but we’re thinking of including it on our setlist for future gigs.



Awsome Kevin!
Loved it!
It sounded amazing with the banjo mixed in there.
This song can definitely be played in that tempo…
put it in youre setlist!
And a big shout out to the Boot boys! :facepunch:

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Hello Kevin, that was a very enjoyable listen with lots of positive vibes :smiley:.
You should definitely consider putting it on your setlist. With a bit more of practice - I think particularly the vocal harmonies in the chorus are worth to be worked on a bit more - this will be a great song for your gigs :star_struck:.

Maybe you also want to check out this song. It’s similar in style and one of my favourites at the moment :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Hi Kevin,
Happy sounds this morning :smiley: :sunglasses:

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Hi Kevin,
Enjoyed that very much thanks.

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Very well played (and sung!) sir!

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Yeehaa that was cotton pickin’ terrific Kevin. Well played by the 3 of you. Agree with Nicole about the vocals. With some work on the harmonies that song would be A1. Well done.

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Sounds very good to me ! Nicely played, love the sound of a banjo, maybe the next mumford & sons ?:grin:
Well done !

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Awesome! Enjoyed it very much.
Thanks for sharing!

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The band are rockin’ out again! :sunglasses:
You wouldn’t be able to persuade them to join you for the OM next week? That would be awesome! :smiley:


Ooh! Good one guys! I’m just recently becoming aware of Zach Bryan; so far, I’m liking him. You all did well. I vote to add to your Set List!

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Thanks everyone for stepping into our porch :sweat_smile:

@tRONd thanks Trond! Glad you like it coming from a Zach’s fan! going into the setlist then!

@NicoleKKB thanks so much Nicole! We are working on the harmonies, but sometimes the banjo player gets too excited haha
Oh we love the Dead South, we actually got to see them last year in their european tour, so good! That could be a new addition to our set, we often tend to speed songs up, but something to think about, could work I think!

@roger_holland thanks so much!

@amandaw57 glad you liked it!

@twistor59 thanks Phil, I’m not sure about the singing part haha but cheers!

@sairfingers thank you Gordon! yep, something to work on, appreciate the tips!

@Cyril82 thank you Cyril! We actually do play Little Lion Man on our gigs, perhaps I’ll share it here some day!

@franzek Cheers! thanks so much

@brianlarsen Cheers Brian! I wish, the guys both work that weekend so not possible. Maybe in the future, I’d love to do a community OM with the band!

@pkboo3 thank you Pamela! I love Zach, the only thing with him is that he puts out so much stuff! Difficult to keep up, but definitely someone to check out!


This is great and should definitely make the set list!

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While I liked the Stones post. This is much better quality and mix wise. Good job on this one! It is pretty tight and should make your SL!

All the best,

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