I haven’t so much as touched the guitar (any of my three for what it matters) since early February. And also being absent from here…
Guilty as charged.

Lots of excuses (e.g. moved house) but mainly because I’m spreading myself thin at the moment!

Not complaining; the main reason for that, is baby George Orion who’s getting closer to the 2nd month marker soon… :blush:
Hopefully, as he grows I’ll get back to practising and perhaps get him into the guitar too!


Hi Lefteris,
Congratulations on your new born :partying_face: :bouquet: :sunflower:… have fun together

And start early ,


I found you a nice pressent :grin:


Thanks Rogier!
Haha that’s nice! Oh which reminds me to check on Justin’s website for relevant merch!!

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Welcome back, Lefteris and congratulations1 :smiley:

Congratulations! :smiley:

Good to see you back Lefteris, huge congrats !


@brianlarsen @Boris1565 @TheMadman_tobyjenner
Thank you all for the warm wishes!!

Hey That’s life and life seems to be going well for you so; congratz :wink:

Keep in touch!

Best wishes, Lefteris! Enjoy every second being with the newborn! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Time to learn some lullabies. You could sneek in some practice time putting junior to sleep.

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Congrats @Lefteris , everything’s about time management and ebb and flow, just as long as all is well with the whole family and the guitar still calls you it’s all good!

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Welcome back, awesome news you bring along, congratulations Lefteris! :tada: :smiley:

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@LievenDV @Helen0609 @stitch @Notter @franzek thank you for the wishes and the encouragement! Much appreciated!

That with the lullabies is not a bad idea at all. I must find a way to sneak something in!


I used to sing my kids this (well, not the intro bit, but the rest) :smiley:


Congratulations! :tada: :bouquet: What a wonderful and sweet reason to keep you from guitar :heart_eyes: :sunflower:

You and baby can jam untill you both fall asleep hihihi
All the best to you both.

Wellcome back! I’ll confess to something too: I also blame moving apartments for falling off guitar practice too. I guess leaving my guitar out of sight for a long time was the main reason. Even if you don’t have a practice routine make sure it’s visible so you can always noodle for a couple of minutes and stay fresh!

Congrats on the new offspring!

May I suggest you invest for little baby George’s future by purchasing something that will increase in value, perhaps a Gibson…?


@Avalon426 Thank you so much!

@21Frets that’s a good plan. We need to convince mum for that too! :joy:

@jpedro_AM ironically, I have the guitar on the stand, next to me in the study. But when I don’t have to work and George is finally asleep, I’m pretty much knackered! :face_exhaling::laughing:

@RobDickinson Yes, and I could be looking after her while he’s grown enough to appreciate it her and be gentle with her headstock!
I’m going to get some more credit asap :joy: