Configurable but still reasonably simple metronome?

Bit of an oxymoron question, but there’s a song I’m trying to practise that has a 4/4, 2/4, 4/4 strumming pattern, and I’m struggling with the whole switching beats per bar, especially since my usual metronome choices don’t allow changing time signatures.

So is there such a thing as a simple (preferably online) metronome, that can be configured to alternate time signatures?
I know I could create a loop in Ableton, but that would involve me remembering how to create a drum loop in Ableton!

Justin’s Time Trainer app perhaps? It’s pretty good.

Having the metronome switch time signatures partway through a song is not usually a metronome type thing to do. But you could set it to not emphasise the first beat of the bar so it’s just the same click all the time.

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I think Ableton’s metronome is capable of what you want:

1 Activate Metronome
2 Enable loop
3 To change the Time signature right-click the top of the timeline to insert the change
4 Set the time-signature by clicking on it and typing it out
5 Set the desired loop length
6 Optional: If you need tempo changes you can right-click bpm and "show automation to change (for double time tempo or such)

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It’s a good shout.

I think any DAW’s metronome will do this.



Just for clarity, it’s a 3 bar repeating sequence (4/4,2/4,4/4), and I’d like something that emphasises the first beat so I can make sure I’m counting correctly.

Thanks for that.
I think I’m going to have to create a simple loop in Ableton for this, as I’ve not really found anything suitable, and the time I’ve spent searching, I could probably already have created the loop!

If you have an iOS device you could possibly use the PolyNome app

Been using this one on Windows for years. Fully program able and simple to use. The 2nd parameter in the program section is for beat increments. Useful for progressive tempo exercises.


Still available if you go hunting download here

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