Confused by strumming Pattern on "We Back" Jason Aldean

I have been deliberately staying on Module 5 for quite a while to work on strumming patterns and chord changes, but just decided to move on to Module 6. I really feel my strumming is improving.
I haven’t had too many problems with the 4/4 time signature and I am now comfortable with a few different strumming patterns, including old faithful. I also just looked at the 6:8 time signature explained in Module 6 and tried out a song in this time signature and it was Ok (well, for a first try !!)

I play along to songs on the app. As I only knew the chords A, Am, C, D, Dm, E, Em, I was looking for songs on the app that would just use some of these chords. In a couple of songs, I came across a strumming pattern that confused me and I cannot nail it. Nor can I tap my foot at the right time in this strumming pattern. On the app, you can find it on We Back by Jason Aldean, but I’ve seen it in a couple of other songs using these chords. In the app, the strumming pattern diagram shows 1D e +D a 2D eU + aU 3D eU +D a 4D e +D aU.

With what I learned so far in Grade 1 , there were no “e’s” or “a’s” in the strumming patterns and so now I’m completely confused. Is it that I have just stumbled across a strumming pattern that will come later in the course, and I shouldn’t worry about it? What time signature is this?

Any help very welcome.


I think you meant 1e+a2e+a+ 3 e+a 4 e+a and yes that will be further down the road for you.

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Yes it’s like that

but I was also adding where the up and down strokes with U’s and D’s

It’s still 4/4 but 16th notes and like @Jwaters says, later in the course