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The true essence of finger strumming lies in the deep connection we establish with our instrument. Full lesson here!

I had previously been using only my thumb when strumming without a pick. This course helped me develop other tools such as thumb and finger and percussive strumming, which are very useful. I wish you had included further finger strumming techniques for 3/4 time and for 16th note strumming. I hope you add those at some point soon.

Thanks for being a fantastic teacher. I’ve taken many of your courses and you have helped me a lot.


Hello Bill @Bmcgrath128 and welcome to the Community.
For 3/4 time signature music, just play using the same physical technique as you do for 4/4.
Sixteenth strumming is a different matter perhaps. It tends to be very quick and it may cause pain and some cuts and bruises if played using fingers and thumb only. It is possible of course. But be prepared for some discomfort.

I hope that helps.
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Great course - (my l level - i am at the end of grade 3 on my guitar journey with Justin).
Just finished this finger strumming course, but will need to go through again with lots more practice. My take aways
1 a far better understanding of the many additional strumming sounds/beats that finger strumming can offer
2 should be easier to incorporate some finger strumming with finger picking patterns rather than lifting up a pick
3 definitely more connection with the guitar
4 a far better understanding of the straight v shuffle feeling/rhythm (even though I thought I already did understand it)
5 the focus on hitting the correct string base note on Beat(s) 1 (and 3) whereas I am quite lazy with the pick and rely on just muting the strings surrounding the correct base note
6 a reminder at how incorporating mutting and accents into my strumming patterns (either using a pick or finger strumming) vastly improves the sound
7 it seems a lot easier to incorporate dynamic changes (soft and loud etc) into the patterns when finger strumming rather than when using a pick

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