Connect mixer to Reaper

Hi everyone, I have Reaper on my PC. I can connect the mixer to Reaper to record but, try as I may, I cannot connect audio out. I have tried for ages to no avail. I used to have a 2 channel interface and that was easy to connect to Reaper. Any ideas, please? Thanks.

What mixer do you have Dave? Although some mixers have 2 in/2 out USB you have to press a switch on the mixer to switch between in and out. My old Behringer mixer was like this. You pressed a button to allow sound out to the DAW and had to press it again when you played back. My new A&H mixer allows two way without pressing anything.

Possibly a silly question but I assume you’ve managed to get it play back okay on your PC speakers?

When I use my audio interface into reaper, I have to use the headphone jack on the audio interface to hear the output. Perhaps that’s reconfigurable but I’ve not discovered it.

Hi Ross Scott, thanks. I’ll get backin a day or two. Cheers.

Cheers, Tony. I’ll try that. Thanks.

Hi Rossco, sorted now thanks. Strangely I spent 2 or 3hrs before trying to sort this. Popped in to my small studio and hey presto - sorted in 30 secs. Not your solution but no matter. Inspiration came from the vibes in the communication. Cheers.

Tony, got it sorted very quickly. Not headphones but I hadn’t selected right outputs. Not sure why I didn’t do that before but thank you for your help. Chatting with others always opens up the mind to wider horizons. Thanks and cheers, mate.