Conquered, if only for a blip

Nothing exciting to most but for me….I’m feeling like Buzz Aldrin

F, my nemesis that I’ve been fretting (pardon the intended pun :wink:) about since the birth of my guitar journey 3 months ago, seemed like something I’d maybe achieve in my next life. However, I grabbed the guitar after dinner, went straight for the chord and hello, I strummed a relatively acceptable F barre chord - twice. My left hand has never felt such pain like it has right now but that’s possibly due to the fact I was too afraid to lift it away for a few minutes, despite the 3rd strum being not so great, for fear i’ll never play it again but hey, I did it. One small fret ……

Thanks to those who’ve encouraged me both here and on YT



That’s definitely worthy of a - “Hell Yes!”


Thank you, I totally agree. Even if it was only 2 but it’s 2 more than yesterday. Thanks so much

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Ha ha… 2 more than 0 though.

I’d a very similar experience that went from couldn’t, couldn’t, couldn’t - then one day, very recently picked, up the guitar and it just happened. It was almost like the hand had decided to just upgrade itself. Was then jumping around the room with joy :smile:


That’s exactly how I felt. I didn’t want to lift my hand off for fear of never accomplishing it again. I’m so glad you also achieved your battle. Such a wonderful feeling right?! Onwards and upwards :slightly_smiling_face::guitar:

F Barre sorted ? Congrats. :sunglasses:

You Rock Rock

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“Sorted” may be giving me too much credit but it’s definitely on its way so I’ll happily accept your rock.
Thank you Toby

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But…not meaning to rain on your parade…this is worrying…

Does it still hurt?

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Thank you and no. It did for a little bit as I do have quite weak hand strength but I’m using a hand exerciser thingy to help. It was more so that I really didn’t want to take my hand away but no, It’s fine. Thank you for asking though. I appreciate it Tom

Way to go!!!

In my world that is an fine excuse for an glass of red wine to celebrate :rofl:

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YAY!!! :guitar: :smiley:

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Trond, I once would have had one or a few but I no longer drink. However, please feel free to have one for me

Thank you so much :wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass:

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Cheers Rebecca :slightly_smiling_face::guitar::guitar:

You made me hope I can do it when I finally get to F. Just semi-conquered C and G is next, fortunately G looks a lot easier than C.

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That is so great! We all have to go through learning the dreaded F chord, but once you can play it, and as you get more comfortable playing it, being able to play bar chords, apart from sounding good, opens up the fretboard to being able to play a song in any key you want. Congratulations!

That was pretty funny - since I can relate with a couple of other chords! :slight_smile:


C is a chord I actually learned 40 yrs ago however, only had 4 lessons, not with my own guitar but quit…because of the F. In saying that, I’m really struggling on the C because I don’t recall having to mute 1st E so I’m with you there. I find that one also difficult. G is okay but the changeovers I’m finding harder. It’s all fun and games though. We’ll both get there :heart::guitar:

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After watching many guitarists and seeing just how much they use barre chords, I can definitely see just how important they are. It’s early days so I’m not going to put too much pressure on myself however was beginning to feel like this is just something I’m not cut out for but no. I can do it. We ALL can do it. Thank you Mari


Keep that hope alive Rebecca. I have total faith in you. If I did it (just the once so far), we both can xx

My muting of the 6th string for the C chord is hit or miss currently, mostly miss, but Justin did say not to worry too much about that in the beginning. I’m pretty sure he did say it will happen eventually. :grinning:

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I vaguely recall him saying the that so for now, I’m going to just strengthen the hand and practice of finger stretching. I’m sure we’ll both be rocking out our C’s in no time