Consolidation mod 5 & 6 - Guns 'n' Roses - Patience

Hello My peeps!!! It has been quite a couple of months!!!

As some may already know, I have started a consolidation series on my U - tube channel!! This is one of the songs that I played during the mod 5 & 6 consolidation series. I would do an intro, but it’s included in the video! Make less typing and more practice!!! Hope you enjoy it as much as I like fiddling around with video and guitar!!

My journal: Dmans Learning Strategy/Progress/Where it is taking me

And the video!!

Rock on!
Gypsy - D
Dman74 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi Darren.

Lots of good strumming there. You’re mostly in time and have some good dynamics and a groove going.

You are playing along to a track that has the guitars tuned down half a step to Eb standard and your guitar is tuned to E standard. It makes it extremely dissonant and, at least for me, unpleasant to listen to, no matter how well you are playing.

Thank you, I am big on the rhythm.

Yepp, didn’t bother tuning er down at this point. Just a pain to tune when I just wanna play! Now, that being said, I have recently started to care. So, I now have 3 Songs I play constantly, that are played down tuned. Now worth the time to tune!!

I’m definately going to be revisiting this one again, with a few extra embellishments and hopefully the appegiated parts. Almost able to, still playing those parts to slow and can"t implement that in the song yet! Soon though, soon!

Rock on!

No Darren ,
I couldn’t believe it when I read this and thought that Jacob was making something of a joke when I read it… you can’t do this to your listeners… I had to stop after about 5 seconds… There aren’t many rules when it comes to playing guitar, but one of those few rules is… that your guitar is always in tune… But if you play along in normal tuning with a lowered tuning … well, that is really unprecedented :scream:
Please take that little effort next time for much more than 1 reason…
I hope I’ve convinced you :crossed_fingers:


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You’ll not keep your followers for very long if you don’t take time to tune your guitar properly Darren. :slightly_frowning_face:

Having followers at this point isn’t really that important to me. In the, end, a few would be cool. All part of the journey! Not only that, but for my progression series I’ll explain my reasoning. Look back and say, it worked out in the end!! Maybe not suggest going that way around a bunch of musicians. In the campfire world. It seems to work. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The rhythm and staying in the groove had been my main focus. I have played this song for others with the original Down tune without de tuning and they never noticed the difference. They didn’t play though. I knew, but wasn’t as important to me at the time. But in the end when I revisit this tune. It will be.

Rock on!

Yes, yes…I am aware.:v::grinning:. It’s nice to have peeps like there is on this forum, making sure they remind ya! Honest, to the point. Perfect. :v:

Like I said it "wasn’t all that important at the time to me. The rhythm and basics down Rock solid, then make it super sweet and see the reactions. Part of the progression series?!

I am more than aware it should be tuned. I just chose to ignore it for now. Till rhythm solid and had several songs I could play with same tuning.

Rock on!

Hi @Dman74, if you don’t want to tune down the guitar just for that song, you can always play along the standard tuning version of the song (if it’s originally played half step down). You can find a standard tuning version for nearly all popular song on YouTube nowadays.

Hope this helps.


Hmmmmm…now there is a good way. I did not even think of this. I will keep this in mind when I find another song that I only have one song in that tuning! Lol. Oh my. Thanks Nadim! :grinning:. Especially if I don’t have ze tuner, have forgotten, or it stops working(my least favourite scenario). That’s about the only time I will have to now anyways. :wink:

This one I’m sure will have an excellent story background to it. At least I’m thinking it should. We shall see! :slightly_smiling_face:

There shall be are-visit. Grade 1 mod 7 consolidation video is next. So no goofing around for this one! Be professional Darren!!! :joy:. Lol.

Rock on!

Sounds great.

I have been in this mental conundrum about the tuning issue my self. A ton of artists a like play detuned and there seem to be a ton of songs I am into from the 90s that are in alt tuning.

On of the things I have considered is a guitar with permanent Eb tuning and just throwing a capo on 1.

Its become a big issue when just chilling and wanting to play songs. One is standard and then I just want to play another and its in Eb. Oh well i guess when life throws guns at you just give them roses. Yeah that was a lame joke.


Thanks for posting the video of that song with standard tuning. I’ve been learning that one and I hate retuning my guitar for different songs. Nice!


You are quite welcome. Already it has resonated!! :+1::sunglasses::smirk: Happy to help! Nice to see others have a similar mindset. This will work very well for what I have planned for a teaching aid.

Rock on!