Content in the App and the Strumming Courses

Hi All,

Just started my guitar journey. Three quick questions:

  1. Does the app contain the Strumming Lessons (1 and 2), which we see on the website? If not, when it is recommended to start those? I’m at the very beginning of the course - is it recommended to gain at least some level, say for example grade 2, in order to start the strumming lessons?
  2. Are there (finger)picking lessons, or complete course with such content?
  3. What is the easiest way to use the app on my laptop?

Thank you!



In Module 1:
How to strum without a pick
Bars and strumming on 1

Module 2:
Strumming Mechanics
Strumming on the beat

Module 3:
Counting ands
All about up strums
Strumming patterns with ups

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Hi @ScorpioBG Re: #3 If it’s a Windows laptop you can use an Android emulator called BlueStacks. Within the emulator environment you can purchase and load the app from the PlayStore.

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Welcome, @ScorpioBG !

@ScorpioBG are you referring to the paid strumming (SOS) course? The paid course is a recent addition to the website and I went through all the beginner course first before it was availible. SOS goes into additional depth and exercises and think it’s worth the cost. Since you get lifetime access I think it worth adding into your studies early and you can use the techniques in the songs you are learning to play. I am currently in SOS2 and it is getting me to add some varriations to my strumming. Good Luck.

Thank you all.

@pc429gutar, thank you, that is exactly what I referred to. I am a total beginner, my first guitar arrived 2 days ago and I didn’t know any chords (now I know 3 :slight_smile:

But the chords are one side of the guitar. The other is the strumming and picking. So I was wondering when it will be appropriate to start that SOS course and is it a good idea to do it simultaneously with the core content (I’m currently at Grade 1, Module 2).

But you answered that. I’ll give it a try in few days when my fingers recover :slight_smile:


Just wanted to add, that Justin recommends muted practice, will say, that you practice rhythm and strumming patterns without fretting chords. So you don’t have to be confident with chords and changes before you can start. You can work practically on rhythm and strumming skills independently from chords. Sorry for my English :see_no_evil: I would recommend to do the course accompanying to the lessons step by step.

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Hey Yavor

Welcome to JG and the community


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@ScorpioBG I would ignore the SOS courses for now if you are just starting out. Justin’s course is a COMPLETE course it’ll cover both the chord side of things and strumming (as well as a bunch of other things). If you find later on you’re still struggling with strumming it might be something to look at then. I’m over 12 years into the journey and only learnt with JG.

Hi Rossco01, and thanks for your valuable input. For sure, the core material seems very comprehensive, and I really like both the content and the teacher.

Hi Yavor,

Welcome to the community! For what it’s worth, I also started at the very beginning of Justin’s course. I’m now in Module 12 - about half way through Grade 2. I started the strumming course just a couple of weeks ago. For me, I think starting earlier would have been too much focus, too soon. This feels just about right.

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My advice is get your chord transitions up to speed and fairly fluent before you think about strumming courses.

As a complete beginner (It’s only just over 6 months since I was in your shoes) trying to learn the chord changes and apply something other than basic down strums to it will likely cause your brain to meltdown. You think you’ve got one of the first transitions (such as A to E) under control and then try to strum along and change chords and it all comes undone. Just work through Justin’s beginner grade 1 first before looking at more courses would be my suggestion

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Since you are early in your journey it would be better to wait for now to see how it goes. For me playing along with the songs on the app was great help to my strumming and rhythm playing in the beginning stages.

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I have been doing the SOS 2 course for a few weeks. Figured I would post my latest video. I think it’s pretty darn good and I am glad I took the course. I am only 1/2 way through it and I think it has been a big help. SOS2 - It's Only Rock and Roll 3.mkv - Google Drive