Conversation with a guitarist


I’ve noticed a theme with hobbies…

Number of bikes needed =number of bikes owned +1

Photographers :
Number of lenses needed = number of lenses owned +1

Number of guitars needed = number of guitars owned + 2


Nope, wrong it’s +4 or more……
Electric, Acoustic, 12 string variants, Baritone variants, Bass variants, etc
Possibly a Chapman stick, then there’s the Ukuleles……. :joy::joy::joy:

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As a mountain biker and guitarist my bank account can relate all too well :joy:


And most of a mountain bike is basically disposable too, time for a new drivetrain and shocks!

Damn. I’m a psycho. Only the two in my icon pic.

That’s after the usual UK corrosive winter slop Rob, we’re into savings season for the bike at the moment!! Well at least until I satisfy my craving for a new acoustic guitar :wink:

Still using my trance from a bunch of years ago for now, our trails close when wet generally (apart from the sandy forest ones) so generally not too messy or muddy.

Crikey that’s spooky, my main ride is a Trance, circa 2008 or so and riding spot of the Surrey Hills. Don’t underestimate the damage grinding paste wet sandy mud can do around here :frowning:

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haha what a coincidence!

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Damn I am 2 short of being an Enthusiast !!

Might have to get a Tele after all and I lust for Schecter. Maybe on of these Schecter PT Fastback II B DEG or Schecter PT BK and Schecter C-1 Hellraiser BCH which will match my new HB Bass !! Ooh I melt when I look at that Hellraiser! Just got some State Pension back pay as I am officially an OAP - Odd 'Airy Player. Is thirteen unlucky ? Please tell me yes it is.

Need to turn the heat down the GAS is bubbling. :scream:

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It’s only one short of 14 Toby, and 14 definitely isn’t unlucky :wink:

15 is even less unlucky!

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@DarrellW NEVERRRRRRRRRRR :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:


Not that long ago I lived in a block of flats where there wasn’t flat no 13, 12 and then 14 straight away :sweat_smile: so go figure :rofl:

I like them just cos they are fun, and don’t take much room up!

I live on a culdesac where there are no Odds, just evens!

There’ll be one round the corner, with the missing numbers !

@adi I recall that many times back in the UK. I used to do a paper round (youngster may need to google) and quite a few of the blocks of flats had no 13s and quite a few streets as well.

In Italy its lucky, go figure given their religious background.

Funnily enough I just put in a bulk wool order in for my wife yesterday and we were talking about hobbies and she actually said if I wanted another guitar she’d be quite happy !!!
I said noooo waaaayyyy, I have plenty, then that Hellraiser came to mind and I was back on Thomann window shopping. :crazy_face:


That’s the first joke I’ve seen using a looper pedal. :smiley:


GAS is real! I’ve got 3 so far, although one of those hardly ever gets played.

I’ve told myself max 1 guitar purchase per year to keep the GAS at bay, so I’ve got 12 years to become an enthusiast!